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Recipe: Tapioca and Fish Cutlets

December 16, 2022 17:14 IST

Kappa Shappu Meen Curry is one of Kerala's most glorious dishes and is relished by locals at toddy shops.

The boiled tapioca is garnished with coconut and curry leaves, and when teamed with the spicy red fish curry it's a heavenly meal.

Chef Manoj Sharma gives the state's favourite kappa and meen combo a new definition via his Tapioca Fish Cutlets.

For the filling, he uses surmai (seer fish) or mackerel along with curry leaves, coconut and shallots.

Chef Sharma is game to try his hand at any kind of cuisine, but prefers trying new pan-Asian dishes.

Photograph: Kind courtesy RCB Bar and Cafe

Tapioca Fish Cutlets


For the fish stuffing

For the fritters


For the fish stuffing

For the fritters

For assembly

Chef Manoj Sharma of RCB Bar and Cafe

Chef Manoj Sharma is the executive chef at RCB Bar and Cafe, a pub owned by Diageo India in Bengaluru.