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Recipe: Noodles Custard With Boondi Laddoos And Jelly

February 03, 2023 13:39 IST

One forgets how silky-smooth and luscious a dessert our typical Indian versatile custard is, made with milk and sometimes eggs.

Follow the simple instructions and you get a perfect meal ender. One doesn't really need an occasion to serve custard which can had plain or with cut fruits or flavoured jelly.

Bethica Das, a queen of kitchen spin, feels "it can get quite boring to have custard, time and again" without variations.

So, she offers a new take by incorporating ragi noodles, leftover boondi laddoos and jelly.

"You can also add in a few crushed jalebis for a slight crunch," she suggests.


Noodles Custard with Boondi Laddoos and Jelly

Serves: 3-4



For the custard

For the jelly

To assemble

Editor's Note: For vegan custard, please use almond milk and gelatine-free jelly.

Bethica Das is a Sharjah-based food blogger.