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Recipe: Gajar ka Halwa... with a twist

October 20, 2014 15:45 IST

Rediff reader Amarendra Mulye from Mumbai shares this interesting 'Gulab Halwa' recipe with us.

Gulab Halwa is the traditional Gajar ka Halwa served with a twist, says Amarendra Mulye who calls himself an 'experimental cook'.

This is how he discovered the recipe for 'Gulab Halwa':

Once, while I was making Gajar ka Halwa, I found some rose petals in my refrigerator.

To give a twist, I caramelised it and added it to the halwa along with rose water and essence.

And to my surprise, it tasted good.

The next time, I added Beetroot to it to enhance the colour and this recipe was born.

Here's the recipe:

Gulab Halwa

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Serves 6


For garnishing


Expert tip: In absence of gulkand, you may add rose essence or rose water to the halwa. You may also caramalise edible rose petals and add it to the Halwa before serving.

Image Courtesy: Amarendra Mulye


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Amarendra Mulye