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5 traditional recipes to bring in Parsi New Year

Last updated on: August 16, 2016 01:49 IST

Usher in Parsi New Year with delicious traditional dishes, says Mini Ribeiro.

Who can resist a Parsi meal of Salli Boti, Dhansak with brown rice, Chicken Farcha, Raspberry Soda and rounded off with a Lagan Nu Custard (popular creamy dessert)?

While most people across India wait to be invited to a Parsi lagan (wedding) or a Navjote feast to savour an elaborate Parsi meal, or at best in a few restaurants serving Parsi cuisine, Mumbaikars are comparatively luckier.

Mumbai boasts of a fair amount of places offering Parsi cuisine, some iconic and traditional, and others contemporary.

There is something innately heart-warming and comforting about Parsi cuisine.

It may be influenced by other cultures and cuisines, yet, Parsi food is unique and has a distinct character of its own.

This year, Parsi New Year falls on August 17.  Here are five delectable Parsi recipes from chefs across Mumbai.

Salli Boti

Salli Boti by executive chef, Sudhir Pai, Holiday Inn, Mumbai International  Airport.

IMAGE: Salli Boti by executive chef, Sudhir Pai, Holiday Inn, Mumbai International Airport


For the salli


For salli

To assemble

Chicken Dhansak

Chicken Dhansak by Pala Fala, Atria Mall, Worli Mumbai.

IMAGE: Chicken Dhansak by Pala Fala, Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai.



Marghi na Kheema na Pattice

 Marghi na Kheema na Pattice by Dinshaw Xpress Cafe, Oshiwara, Mumbai.

IMAGE: Marghi na Kheema na Pattice by Dinshaw Xpress Cafe, Oshiwara, Mumbai.



Eggs Kejriwal

Eggs Kejriwal by Soda Bottle Openerwala, BKC, Mumbai.

IMAGE: Eggs Kejriwal by Soda Bottle Openerwala, BKC, Mumbai



Patra Ni Macchi

Patra Ni Macchi by chef Tehmtan, Sofitel Mumbai, BKC.

IMAGE: Patra Ni Macchi by Chef Tehmtan, Sofitel Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex


For the chutney


You can send us your favourite recipes too.

Write in to us at (subject: Recipe) with your name, hometown and any interesting details about the origin of the recipe, along with a photograph if possible.

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