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#SiblingGoals! How to work out with your sister

Last updated on: May 20, 2020 09:35 IST

These celebs have found the perfect partner to work out at home.

When was the last time you challenged your sister/brother for a round of push-ups?

Well, working out with a sibling may not just help you get in shape, it may also strengthen your bond and bring back some old memories.

Take a cue from these star siblings who have found the perfect excuse to stay in shape!

How to work out with your sister

IMAGE: Ibrahim's chiseled shirtless bod and Sara's sweaty but confident pose tells a lot about how comfortable these two are while working out together.
And so is their dog Fuffy Singh who looks amazed at their progress. Sara often mixes Pilates, Tabata, dance and yoga to stay fit. Photograph: Courtesy Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

How to work out with your sister

IMAGE: The Sharma sisters never fail to amaze us. Neha and Aisha have always loved to work out as a team.
Sharing this super hot picture of them planking together, Neha wrote: 'Everyone who thinks a minute goes by quickly has never tried planking.' Photograph: Courtesy Neha Sharma/Instagram

How to work out with your sister

IMAGE: You've witnessed Aahana's passion for fitness! But here she is tagging her sister along to do the #plankchallenge. And they look so happy doing it.
'Girls just wanna have fun' she described the feeling. Check out the video below to see who did it better! Photograph and video: Courtesy Aahana Kumra/Instagram



How to work out with your sister

IMAGE: Speaking of team work, Mukti Mohan is Shakti's favourite yoga partner. The two can often be seen dancing, stretching and nailing tough yoga poses like these together.
Watch the video below to see how well they balance and make it seem like a cakewalk. Photograph and video: Courtesy Shakti Mohan/Instagram



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