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Incredible! This guy lost 41 kg in 10 months

Last updated on: March 13, 2019 09:32 IST

Rediff reader Ruhail Maqbool Vakil, 37 tells us how he went from 114 kg to 73 kg with the right diet and exercise.
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Ruhail Maqbool Vakil

IMAGE: (Left) Ruhail who works as an electrical engineer used to weigh 114 kg. He is 73 kg now (right). Photograph: Kind courtesy Ruhail Maqbool Vakil

Between office and home, I had started gaining weight slowly until I reached a point where I had completely lost control.

A few years ago, when I went shopping at the mall, I tried on many outfits and combinations but nothing seemed to work for me.

I was about to give up when a salesperson who was watching me struggle walked up to me.

He said: 'Sir can I help you? You seem to be struggling with your selection. May I suggest you something?'

'Yes, sure,' I responded.

'Sir you are looking in the wrong section. This is for normal people. You should look in the big and tall section where you will find sizes XL, XXL, XXXL and so on,' he told me.

This feedback struck me like an unsuspecting missile.

In May 2013, I used to weigh 114 kg.

At that point, I realised how all my near and dear friends had almost replaced my name with 'oye, mote' (a fat person).

I was so upset that I left the mall immediately.

I thought about my younger days when I participated in so many body building competitions.

I used to be a white belt.

At the point, my body was in such bad shape that I couldn't think of anything.

When I reached office, I happened to read an article in about Milind Soman running a marathon.

He was nearing 50. I was almost half his age so the news was like a kick in my face.

That's when I decided to transform myself.

The next 10 months I changed my diet and started running.

When I started I could barely walk 100 metres.

Slowly, I picked up speed and built my stamina to be able to walk and run up to 5 km.

I did everything I could and managed to lose 41 kilos in 10 months.

My weight came down to 73 kg.

I followed a basic diet that was rich in protein, low on carbs and switched to healthier options.

Breakfast: I eat two egg whites only.

Lunch: Mostly protein -- fish or chicken without bread or 1/3rd of a bread.

Dinner: Mostly salads. I finish dinner before 7 pm night. If I am hungry before going to sleep I munch on an un-chopped carrot.

I have given up sugar and salt and compensated salt with lemon.

I started looking at junk food as a crime for my body.

I have almost given up on rice and hardly remember the last time I had an aerated drink.

I realised that KFC and Mc Donald's were the culprits and source of my weight gain. Today, if I land up at a restaurant, I would pick a salad.

For those who saw my transformation, it was nothing short of a miracle.

Even today, I control my food intake.

I walk more than 5 to 6 km every day along with 15 minutes of cardio daily which helps me to refrain from gaining lost weight.

I play whatever game I can, irrespective of whether I am an expert in it.

I have learned that it is your will and determination that decides if you are able to reach your goal. No one can help you with that.

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