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How I worked out for 90 minutes and lost 38 kg

Last updated on: July 14, 2020 09:24 IST

Pune based Mrinal Chadha went from weighing 138 kg in 2018 to 80 kg in January 2020.
He now inspires others like him to choose the right diet and workout.

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Mrinal Chadha

IMAGE: Mrinal Chadha weighed 120 kg in 2018. He lost 38 kg by changing his diet and working out every day. Photographs: Courtesy Mrinal Chadha

Realisation hit me first in 2018 when I reached around 120 kg.

That's when I started reading about weight loss and fat loss,  gaining as much knowledge and database available online so I could get back in shape.

I learned about calories deficit and started eating healthy by including protein, balancing carbohydrates and making small changes in my life style.

Weight loss is not about diet; it's all about the right lifestyle.

To start a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. You need determination and motivation.

The transformation

Mrinal Chadha

I started making changes in my diet by including foods high on protein with moderate carbs and low fat.

I broke down my diet into 6 meals.

I work out for 1.5 hours a day which includes 1 hour of extensive workout with 30 minutes of cardio.

When I started seeing results, I got more determined and motivated to reach my fitness goal.

In January 2020, I weighed 80 kg.

Even in the lockdown, I am following the same regime. I have switched to home equipment and replaced cardio with walking.

Watch him work out at home during the lockdown:


My diet

Pre-workout meal

IMAGE: Mrinal often shares details of his meals on social media to encourage people to eat healthy.

Early morning: A cup of tea/coffee/milk (without any sugar) plus 5-7 almonds

Breakfast: A medium-sized bowl of poha/vegetable wheat upma/2 idlis with tomato chutney/1 dosa/wheat dalia with milk

Mid-Morning: Any one fruit -- 1 apple or papaya (100 gm); apricots (2-3); peach (2-3); 8 to 9 cherries; 1 pear; 150 gm watermelon; 1 guava; 1 orange or green tea with 5-7 almonds

Lunch: 2 multigrain chapattis or 1 multigrain bhakri/1 bajra/jowar roti/a bowl of rice + green vegetables + a bowl of sambhar/dal/curd/raita/chicken/6 egg whites

Evening snack: A cup of tea/coffee/milk (without any sugar)  + roasted snacks/chana or 1 glass buttermilk/1 fruit

Dinner: 1 multigrain chapati/½ multigrain bhakri/1 small bajra/jowar roti /1 multigrain/oats dosa + a bowl of vegetables + 1 bowl of sambhar/dal/curd/raita/chicken (2 small pieces)/fish + 1 bowl salad

Post-dinner: 1 cup milk with 2 almonds

Lessons learned

When you are focused and determined you will automatically find ways to maintain your healthy regime.

Once you set your mind to achieve something, nothing is impossible.


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Mrinal Chadha