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Does Kajal Have A Twin?

October 20, 2023 09:48 IST

They're not twins but they could be!

Kajal Aggarwal and her sister Nisha look so alike, you could be forgiven the confusion (take a look at the photo session they did for Aza magazine, external link).

In the Singham actor's words, the two are the 'same, same but different'.

Nisha considers Kajal her 'best friend and confidante'. 

Kajal says, 'Nisha is the Anna to my Elsa'; 'the mirror to my conscious', 'my soulmate' and 'little bayvee'.

*IMAGE: Can you guess who's older? (Scroll to the end to see if your guess is right.)
Photographs: Kind courtesy Kajal Aggarwal/Instagram and Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram


IMAGE: These gorgeous Punjabi kudis are blessed with great genes.


IMAGE: The sisters seem to be share the same motto: 'Hug harder. Laugh louder. Smile bigger. Love longer.' 


IMAGE: Who is Kajal? And who's Nisha? Can you tell the difference?


IMAGE: The Aggarwal sisters with their papa.


IMAGE: Cheers to beautiful bonds like these! 


*It's Kajal.
Nisha, she says, is her 'partner in everything' she does.