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9 Cool-Girl Shriya Moments

January 10, 2023 09:52 IST

The pretty lass with shiny, poker straight hair, Shriya Pilgaonkar has jabardast acting chops -- something she inherited from her parents Supriya and Sachin Pilgaonkar.

As a youngster, Shriya straddled several career options -- swimmer, linguist, actor, sociologist, Kathak dancer -- before finally heading into the industry her grandfather, her mother and father were in, earning her stripes with Fan, Mirzapur, Kaadan.

This Begum of Hearts, in her sensational saris, midriff-showcasing Western styles and snazzy colour picks, makes many a dil go pit-a-pat...

IMAGE: Wearing strip denim is a courageous choice -- from afar it can appear like clownish broad vertical stripes.
Paired with the white blazer and her immaculately made-up face, she's as arresting as the diamond danglers in her ears.
We're inclined to agree with that fan who wrote: 'Alexa play Bahut Khoobsurat Ho'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anmol Jewellers/Instagram


IMAGE: There's something Greek goddess Amphritrite-ish about Shriya in a frothy, sea green sari-gown, like she could be rising out of the waves.
She says she's obsessed with the calming hue.
The super-breezy drape connects beautifully with the cinching belt and pearl embroidery edging.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ridhi Mehra/Instagram


IMAGE: Magic & Mayhem is her self-bestowed moniker.
Magic: The severe hairstyle, not one mischievous strand out of place.
Mayhem: The romanch red.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Vidhi Wadhwani/Instagram


IMAGE: A 23-inch waist?
The posh white two-piece would make for a captivating Wimbledon fashion moment.
All it needs is a matching dreamy hat or one of those labyrinthine fascinators.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shriya Pilgaonkar/Instagram


IMAGE: Her garden tea party sari, with the fetching halter blouse, calls up images of embroidered napkins, crisp linen, lacey doileys, Shrewsbury biscuits and chutney sandwiches.


IMAGE: Wearing a splashy plaid coat of everyone's dream. By the Banks of the Yarra.

IMAGE: Puffing Billy just met Shriya Of The Yellow Track Socks.
She rides through the Dandenong ranges on the danging legs train in eastern Australia.


IMAGE: Has little Alfie of Gerringong ever been cuddled by a Bollywood actor in pink pants before?


IMAGE: Her Highness Leatherness (oops, PVC).