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Come, Fall In Love With India's Top Models

July 14, 2023 12:24 IST

Instagram is the perfect playground for our models.

They are forever posting solid stuff there -- adorable mirror selfies, slices of home life, or of themselves soaking in the sights at some picture-book vacay location and letting their legion of curious, doting fans get a dekko of their unfiltered personal lives.

These charming women know the power of a grammable shot and hence happily snap away...

IMAGE: This cat is on the prowl!
Not sure why Aasttha Ssidana decided to shed her bottoms, but she is snatching our hearts in her leopard costume, while strutting lovely legs.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aasttha Ssidana/Instagram


IMAGE: That bod is a work of art.
And it wasn't achieved in a day.
Aishwarya Sushmita follows a simple motto: 'Keep your squats low and your standards high'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aishwarya Sushmita/Instagram


IMAGE: The Atlantic Ocean ain't never seen a beauty like the svelte Palak Gupta, who is enjoying a day in the sun at Long Island's Robert Moses beach in the 875-acre state park of the same name in New York.
But Palak has something important to say, readers:'It's so tough to be happy in your body as a model. Dealing with insecurities and multiple commentaries on the size of everything makes us look at things more closely than we should.
I haven't succeeded, although I'm trying to love being my current size and you should at least try with me'.
So well said, Palak.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Palak Gupta/Instagram


IMAGE: This is the sweetest picture, plus post, we have to show you today: Nisha Yadav with her bapu Radheshyam, whose name she has saved on her phone as Hanikarak Bapu (a la Dangal).
She says, 'In our society, or from where I belong, girls don't hug their father. And we don't click pictures (with them) too, that is something not common yet.
'I don't think the rest of (my) sisters even have solo picture with him. We are living in this era where we click photo(s) of everything but forget to take pictures with our parents or elders'.
Nisha, lawyer and model, was raised in Kotputli, in rural Rajasthan, and her dad's a farmer. Do please read her story.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nisha Yadav/Instagram


IMAGE: Looks That Kill... Aditi Mishra is embarking on carnage in black togs.
Guard your hearts, guys.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aditi Mishra/Instagram


IMAGE: The 35-40 green kanch ki chudi add all the pizzazz to Janvi Deori's sari look.
She comments wryly, in semi-jest: 'It looks like I can handle my pallu better than most of my problems'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Janvi Deori/Instagram


IMAGE: Oh my gosh, where are you, Shruti Tuli?
Beautiful Shruti, her sculpted abs and the awesome Himachal scenery leave us spellbound.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shruti Tuli/Instagram

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/