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How to crack JEE Main 2018: Last-minute preparation tips

March 29, 2018 12:56 IST

Surbhi Mehtani shares tips from toppers and experts.

Exam student


April 8, 15 and 16 are notable days. Around 12 lakh students will be appearing for JEE Main, which is one of the largest national level entrance exams for engineering at the undergraduate level.

With each passing day, hour and minute, the anxiety levels of all applicants are up. This is normal considering that there are less than 15 days left for JEE Main with many things are at stake -- hard work, dedication, day and night efforts, long study hours and the hope to study in the most coveted engineering institutes of the country.

A look at the huge syllabus and the stress levels shoot up further. What to study becomes a million-dollar question.

Rather than stressing out and wasting time, one can utilise them in the best possible way to get better results.

In this article, we share all the tips from toppers and expert opinions on last-minute JEE Main preparations. These tips can also be used to de-stress and detoxify oneself in the last few days.


Where is your admit card?

Without it entry is not possible and you cannot afford to miss it on the day of the exam or say that you forgot your admit card at home, or it's in your phone, you forgot to take the print out. It is the most important thing to carry to the examination hall and entry without it will be disallowed under 'any' circumstances.

So, if you haven't downloaded your admit card till now, don't wait for the exam day to come. DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!


Revise wise

Starting anything new right now is not an appreciable move. You have already studied whatever you had to for the exam.

Now, it's time to revise all those formulas and theorems. But, since the syllabus is like the hulk, you need to segregate it according to your convenience. You have to think smart and act wise.


Sample, the ample

Along with revision, you need to practise the sample papers of JEE Main in good numbers as they are a tried-and-tested method to keep you on track by bringing your mistakes in front of you. You can correct them with the time left with you.

Remember to analyse your performance and correct those mistakes.


Don't discuss anything with anyone

There is absolutely no need to indulge in a conversation with anyone regarding preparations. This can make you stressed, or rather add to it. It is mindful to stay away from such talks.


Eat, sleep, smile repeat

This is one of the most important tips for JEE Main preparation as you need to utilise your energy smartly right now.

Cutting out on your appetite or on your sleep during these days is certainly not a good idea. You have to appear in the exam of your life and for that you have to be ready, not ill.

Eat good healthy, home cooked food. Sleep for a good 8 hours. And smile because staying with a frowning or stressed face will affect your vibes.

This time all you want is only positivity around you and nothing else.


Detoxify yourself

You can't keep saying that exam is approaching and you are stressed. Involve yourself in activities that help your body and mind relax. Be it running, jogging, walking, dancing or any kind of meditation.


Hope is life

No matter what, keep clinging onto H.O.P.E; not only for this exam, but for your life. Don't forget, it's just an exam and life as a teacher has lot more to teach you.


It's also time to plan your exam

A good plan helps you be prepared. So plan your exam day -- which sections you will attempt, how much time you will allow for each question, how to answer, review questions and such.

3 hours is very little time to accomplish all of this and a proper plan allows for this.


Check how close is the exam centre

Sometime prior to the D-Day, check the location of the exam centre.

This will help you plan and time your arrival at the exam centre such that you are not late or miss the exam on account of not knowing where it is, traffic jams and such.


Is your exam kit ready?

Put the admit card, exam pad in a cover so that you have the required things in place.

Read the instructions on the admit card and report on time.

Remember: No watches, electronic devices will be allowed.

You can carry an exam pad but it should be clean and unmarked.

You don't need to carry a pen as it will be provided in the exam hall.


Be relaxed on the big day

Stay calm and composed on the exam day as unnecessary stress and overthinking can hamper your performance.

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The hard work put into the preparations will be reflected in the JEE Main result, which will be announced on April 30 for Paper 1 and on May 31 for Paper 2.

However, candidates can estimate their scores using the answer key of JEE Main which will be available from April 24 to 27 for Paper 1 and in the third week of May for Paper 2.

Despite thinking of what the consequences will be, it's important to focus on present and act accordingly.

The present demands good decisions paired with wise action. Therefore, it becomes imperative for candidates to follow last-minute preparation tips for JEE Main without creating a hassle in their lives.

All the Best!

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Surbhi Mehtani in New Delhi