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Breakfast Recipe: Mango Walnut Sheera

June 07, 2022 09:17 IST

Brighten up your breakfast with Chef Sanjyot Keer's Mango Walnut Sheera that's packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

You can swap the sugar for healthier options like jaggery, coconut sugar or honey.

If the mangoes you are using are really sweet, cut down on the sugar/jaggery.

Photograph: California Walnuts

Mango Walnut Sheera

Serves: 3-4



Note: For a vegan version of this sheera, use cashew butter instead of ghee.

For a still healthier, sugar-free version, use stevia powder instead of any other sweetener since mango is quite a sweet fruit. Each brand of stevia has its own stevia for sugar substitution ratio provided on its packing. And cut the ghee to a minimum and substitute the wheat flour with ragi flour.

For a gluten-free version, substitute both semolina and wheat flour with oat flour mixed with ragi flour

Sanjyot Keer is a chef, content creator and founder of Your Food Lab. He was the food producer of MasterChef India and made it to the Forbes India Tycoons of Tomorrow 2018 list.