Relationship quiz: Is it love, lust or just a fling?
1. The first thing I notice about my partner is...
His/her smile, expressions, body language.
His/her look, physique.
I can't remember exactly.
2. When your partner texts you 'I love you,' how do you feel?
I can feel butterflies in my stomach.
I want to meet him/her ASAP.
Clueless. I don't know how to react.
3. When your partner hugs or kisses you in public, how do you respond?
I feel good. It's a beautiful feeling to be loved.
I get aroused and can't stop thinking about him/her.
I am embarrassed. I hate it.
4. The first time you fought with your partner, how did it go?
S/he was very low and we fixed it over a hug.
We had wild, makeup sex.
I/My partner was upset. We didn't talk to each other for a few days.
5. When there is a conflict or argument, how does you both respond?
We continue to argue but s/he often listens to me.
S/he kisses me while I'm talking so I get distracted and stop arguing midway.
One of us exits the conversation.
6. When was the first time you got intimate with your partner?
After knowing and dating him/her for a while.
We got pretty intense on our first date.
It was just sex, it meant nothing. So I don't remember the details.
7. How would you define your sexual relationship with your partner?
Comfortable, sometimes boring and predictable.
We can set the house on fire!
Our first encounter was interesting. Nothing happened after that.
8. If your partner forgets to wish you on your birthday, how would you feel?
It has never really happened before, so I wouldn't really know.
Would punishment sex be a good idea?
I don't expect much from him/her anyway.
9. When you go out for a late-night movie, what do you both do?
Hold hands, cuddle and share popcorn.
We are too busy kissing that we hardly ever watch the film.
We haven't watched a movie together.
10. If your partner invites you to his/her home, what would you think?
Maybe s/he wants me to get to know his/her family.
Maybe no one's at home. It's the perfect setting to have fun.
I don't know. I'd have to ask him/her that.
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Congratulations. You've been hit by true love. Even though some of you may be bored of your sex life, you still value the person and the relationship. Whether or not you intend to take it to the next level, we want you to cherish your partner and these beautiful memories you two create together.
You have scored out of 100
What are you both? Anastasia and Mr Grey? You clearly lust for each other and can't keep your hands to yourself. As long as you both are careful, safe and you are not hurting anyone else, it's good while it lasts.
You have scored out of 100
You knew it's a fling, didn't you? Right from the first time you two met, the signs were all there. S/he is not serious about you. Or maybe it is you who is not ready for commitment yet. So acknowledge it and move on.
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