Types of relationship Quiz
1. When your partner gives you his/her phone, what do you do?
Nothing at all.
Look for hidden messages.
I'd check if I can hack his/her password.
2. How often do you check your partner's social media?
I don't remember exactly.
Once a day maybe.
Every few hours.
3. Your partner gets a good-looking new colleague in his team from the opposite sex. How do you react?
I trust him/her completely.
I would worry a little, maybe feel a wee bit insecure.
S/he has the perfect excuse to flirt in my absence
4. When you plan an important event or outing with your partner, what are the chances s/he will show up?
S/he will most likely show up.
S/he will show up unless there is an emergency.
S/he may/may not show up. I am not so certain.
5. Are you comfortable sharing your dirty secrets and insecurities with your partner?
Yes, s/he knows me too well.
I choose what to tell him/her.
I like to keep things to myself.
6. Do you share your phone, laptop or bank account passwords with your partner?
Yes, s/he even helps/reminds me when I forget.
7. Do you have to ask permission from your partner to meet a friend or travel outdoors?
S/he doesn't ask, but I prefer letting her/him anyway.
Depends on who the friend is.
Yes. Why is that even a question?
8. Does your partner often borrow money from you?
Yes, but s/he returned it later.
Yes. And we haven't discussed it since.
9. Has your partner lied to you, cheated or withheld important information from you?
Not yet,
There have been instances but we've moved on.
Yes. I've caught him/her red-handed several times.
10. In a difficult situation or in an emergency, what are the chances your partner will support you?
S/he will most certainly be by my side.
S/he may show up if s/he finds out.
S/he may apologise and will even have an excuse ready for not being there.
You have scored out of 100
Congratulations! You have complete faith in your partner.
You trust him/her to choose and support you in every situation. Don't let anything or anyone ever change that.
You have scored out of 100
Trust, like we said, is a tricky word. And there is a good chance your partner has not been his/her best self with you.
Watch out for the warning bells and don't let your partner take you or this relationship for granted.
You have scored out of 100
You've been cheated on before and you believe s/he may do it again. Or maybe it's the guilt from a past event that is making you so restless.
It's time to do a reality check and snap out of your dream world. Remember, a tiger never changes its stripes.
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