Types of relationship Quiz
1. Are you currently in a relationship?
Why should I tell you?
2. Which of these define your expectations from your partner?
We let each other do our thing
There are no expectations
S/he must prioritise our relationship
3. Does your partner know where you work and what you earn?
Yes, we share important details about our lives
No. It's too early to discuss.
I don't think that's necessary at all!
4. If your partner doesn't call or communicate for a few hours when s/he is away from you, how do you respond?
I will call or send a text and wait for a response.
S/he will call when s/he is available
It is quite unusual. I will immediately check with his/her friends or colleagues.
5. When your partner gets a phone call/text message late at night, how do you respond?
S/he will tell me about it if it's important
I have never really paid attention
I will wait for the call to end so we can talk about it.
6. If your partner says or does something you do not like, how will you react?
I will discuss it when we have a private moment together.
I will ignore it
It's disrespectful and I will be upset about it
7. If you have to go to a friend's party that your partner is not comfortable about, how would you handle it?
I will be honest about it and let him/her decide if s/he wants to join me
I will attend it anyway
I will make some excuse and try not tell him/her about it.
8. Would you flirt with other men/women when your partner is not around?
It maybe tempting, but I am faithful to my love.
Depends on who the person is.
Men can flirt, women shouldn't/I can flirt but s/he shouldn't
9. If you hear an unpleasant rumour about your partner how would you respond?
I would find out what happened before jumping to conclusions
It's just a rumour, right?
There is no smoke without fire!
10. After a fight/argument, who apologises first?
Sometimes s/he does, at times I do.
We don't need to apologise.
It's always her/his fault. So s/he has to apologise.
You have scored out of 100
Congratulations! You are in a secure, committed relationship.
You trust your partner too well to let tiny hiccups come in your way.
You have scored out of 100
Dear friend, you don't seem to be ready for commitment yet. You are in this relationship for fun and haven't really thought about the future. As long as your partner and you are on the same page and there are no expectations, it's a mutually benefitting companionship for now.
You have scored out of 100
Maybe you haven't realised but you could possibly be in a toxic relationship. Your partner clearly doesn't respect boundaries neither does s/he seem to prioritise your happiness and freedom. Watch out for the signs and talk to a relationship counsellor or expert if you really need help.
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