English Quiz: What is Goblin Mode?
1. Goblin mode
The pandemic came with so many restrictions that some of us automatically became __________.
A. careful
B. alert
C. self-indulgent
  C. self-indulgent
As per the Oxford English Dictionary, 'goblin mode' refers to a type of behaviour that is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly or greedy, in a way that rejects social norms or expectations.
2. Vax
My father reported severe pain and fever since the ____.
A. hospitalisation
B. vaccination
C. weather changed
  B. vaccination
Vax is the short form used for the word vaccination.
3. Metaverse
My grandmother was surprised when I told her Mark Zuckerberg was my neighbour in _______.
A. Instagram
B. Facebook
C. virtual reality
  C. virtual reality
Metaverse is a virtual reality space in which users can interact with other users in a computer-generated environment.
4. Pawternity leave
My new company is offering ______ to encourage employees to care for their pets.
A. accident leave
B. pet friendly leave
C. unofficial leave
  B. pet friendly leave
Several organisations, like Harper Collins India for example, have been offering pawternity leave, ie paid leave, to employees who have pets so they can bond with their newly adopted animal friends or support them when they are unwell.
5. Antiwork
The manager was upset when his ______ teammates went on a holiday without prior notice.
A. hardworking
B. lazy
C. work-resistant/work-opposing
  C. work-resistant/work-opposing
Antiwork refers to a movement or ideology where individuals aspire to stop working or work as little as possible.
6. Sharent
Ever since their child turned one, the mother has become a ______.
A. a reluctant parent
B. an obsessive parent
C. a parent who posts regular updates about their child/children on social media.
  C. a parent who posts regular updates about the child on social media
Sharent, derived from the words 'share' and 'parent', refers to new age parent/s who regularly use social media to share a lot of detailed information about their child/children.
7. Stan
That reality show contestant has never worked in a film, but she has millions of _______ who will go out of the way to make her stay on the show.
A. fans/followers/admirers
B. haters
C. trolls
  A. fans/followers/admirers
Stan is slang for someone who is an obsessive or devoted fan of a celebrity, personality or an influencer.
8. Situationship
I thought my sister is ready to get married to her BF since they've been living together for the years. But they claim to be in _______.
A. break-up mode
B. an undefined relationship
C. financial crisis
  B. an undefined relationship
Situationship describes a relationship where the individuals involved have moved beyond a casual relationship but are yet to reach a stage where they are willing to commit to each other.
9. Yeet
If he has to reach work on time, his mum will have to _____ him out of bed.
A. push/force
B. cuddle
C. tickle
  A. push/force
Yeet means 'to throw, to hurl, or to push something with force'.
It is also wrongly used as an exclamation in a humorous context. For example: Person 1. Did you check out the track by Harrdy Sandhu? Person 2: Yeet!
10. Side hustle
When I am not chasing targets, I moonlight as a DJ. This is my ___
A. passion
B. stressbuster
C. secondary job
  C. secondary job
Side hustle refers to a job or occupation that helps you bring in extra money or income beyond the regular job and main source of income.
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