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A 10-minute office workout to stay fit!

May 28, 2008
With practically everyone working longer hours at the office these days, it is tough to stay motivated enough to hit the gym in the evenings -- or even in the mornings before work, for that matter! But that doesn't mean you can't get into shape. Here is a super-easy workout that can be done in your very own office, at your very own desk.

You don't even need to do these exercises daily, just four days a week is good enough. The workout comprises of body resistance exercises with a resistance tube, which can easily be stored in your desk drawer, so you don't need to carry it back and forth. The tube is available at most sports shops. I highly recommend the Reebok Resistance Tube, Level 2; men can use the Level 3.

Power Walk

Walking is the most important exercise since it burns fat, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves stamina, increases concentration levels and builds bone density, among other benefits.

A power walk will help you burn off excess fat and is a good warm-up for the exercises to follow. Thirty minutes is ideal, but if that's difficult to manage, split it up into two 15-minute power walks. The time of day for the walk is dependent on your schedule. Keep your pace brisk and non stop.

As for where to walk, you may consider your office compound or then on your way to work, simply get off a small distance away from the office and walk it up.

Text: Brinda Sapat
Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh
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