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Are you eligible for an MBA abroad?
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February 21, 2008

Studying abroad is an option many consider, whether they are midway through their careers or fresh out of college. However, the decision is not an easy one to take, thanks to the endless number of destination options, colleges and courses. 

While we do feature regular articles on addressing the various aspects to studying abroad, many of our readers write in asking about tuition costs, eligibility, accomodations, applications and many other aspects of studying overseas. Here, international education consultant Karan Gupta addresses some of the queries we recieved.

Is Doing MBA from India better than doing from any other country?i have not cleared CAT and didnt gave any other exam and right now i m in final year of graduation in economics hons from DU. so can u tell me should i go for MBA in other country, if yes than which should i prefer?

-- Manish

Karan replies: Most of the top B-Schools worldwide require the GMAT score along with 3 years of full time work experience. Apply globally to universities which are reputed and accredited. It is best to compare schools rather than to compare countries. London [Images] Business School in the UK, IE Business School in Spain, and Melbourne School of Business in Australia are few of the good global B Schools. Visit to check the ranking of the B Schools. Firms in India sometimes recognise students with an international degree (from a recognised university) and may give employment preference to these students.

If you have the required finances and your family supports your decision, it would definitely be a great opportunity to gain international exposure as well.

I need your help in deciding and selecting the options which I can go for after the qualification and work experience I have at present.

I completed my B-Tech in Computer Science & Engg in June 2005 and have 2.5 years work experience in the Software sector with onsite exposure.

Presently I'm working with Tech Mahindra [Get Quote], Pune and hold the role of a module lead in one of the telecom based IT project.

I'm interested in doing my masters abroad (more interested in finance/banking/HR/marketting sector) but would like to know what all options can I go for rather than a 2years MBA through CAT/GMAT. Are there B-Schools where admission is possible even without a GMAT score??

Would be grateful for your help and response on the same.

-- Natasha

Karan replies: Most of the top B Schools worldwide require the GMAT score along with 2-3 years of full time experience.  TOEFL is a requirement for international students. Therefore you must appear for the GMAT and TOEFL before applying for admission to an MBA programme (Australian Business Schools ask for an IELTS score).

There maybe few schools in Europe which may not require GMAT. You must check individual university website for any specific requirement.

I would like to do MBA in hospitality and Tourism Management. I have completed BCOM Graduation second class and have 2 years experience in BPO. I had contacted IDP and came across Southern Cross University in Australia which is recently offering MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management. There are several questions arising in my mind. Could you please answere my following questions:

1) Should I go for MBA in above field with Southern Cross university?
2) What do you think about Southern Cross university?
3) Do you have any other institute name in australia which offers MBA in Hosp and Tourism Mgmt.
4) What after completing MBA is there any growth oportunity in australia? I mean to getting job and living in australia.

I choose australia because it is comparatively less expensive against US and UK.

I am waiting for your reply. Your reply would be highly appreciated.

-- Javed

Karan replies: Australia is well known for its tourism and hospitality industry. However Australia has a small economy and most students may find it difficult to get jobs after they graduate.

Southern Cross University is an average university. Study the course structure of the MBA programme offered by University of Melbourne to check whether it suits your requirements.

I came across your Q & A chat messages posted on rediff.

I had been in the armed forces (Indian Navy) for 15 years in the Aviation Wing, followed by 4 years in the family retail business. I would like to pursue Masters Degree from UK/US.

Can you guide me about the following
a) Which university can provide a boost to my resume.
b) MBA from which country ie US/UK/AUS will be more advisable.
c) Will age hamper my propsect of pursuing MBA in UK (Iam 35+).
d) Which counry is more student friendly for issuing students visa.

-- Shivanand R Prabhu

Karan replies: Pursuing an MBA is the ideal choice for you. Most of the top B Schools worldwide require at least 2-3 years of full time experience.  Apply globally to universities which are reputed and accredited. It is best to compare schools rather to compare countries. London Business School in the UK, IE Business School in Spain, and Melbourne School of Business in Australia are few of the good global B Schools. Visit the Financial Times website to check the ranking of the B Schools. There is no specific age limit to apply for an MBA. Many students prefer US business schools because it's easier to get a work permit in the US as compared to other countries.

I have receievd an admit from Cornell University, Ithaca (NY) for the M Eng program in Engineering Management for the term Fall 2008.

Can you please guide me about the financial aid/scholarships/loan options to fund the $ 50k education at Cornell ?

Also, can you please give me an indication about the prospects of the Program.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

-- Abhinav

Karan replies: International graduate students are usually not eligible for financial aid. However funding in the form of graduate assistantships (GA), scholarships, tuition waivers or loans are available for most programmes. Scholarships are very difficult to get and you should directly check with Cornell if they have any funding.  The Master's course in Engineering Management is an excellent combination of Engineering and Management and has job prospects after you graduate.

Hi Karan, I got you email id from rediff website and if you wouldn't mind i need your help and would appreciate if you could anwser a few questions. I have done my MBA from ICFAI Mumbai and currently I am working as a relationship manager. But am planning another MBA from a very high ranked B school in USA. As of now i have 1 yr of work experience but i have started planning which i think is need to get into a good university. I am planning to apply in august 2009 when i would have around 2 1/2 yrs of work exp, MBA, 650+ in GMAT. Do you think this would be enough, i am sure lot of other things are important like essays and CV also i have heard that the education counselors help you a lot. So could you guide me as to what things i should focus on and how should i prepare myself.

-- Mahesh

Karan replies: Most of the top B Schools worldwide require the GMAT score along with 2-3 years of full time experience.  TOEFL is a requirement for international students. A score of 680 and above (out of 800) is a good score in the GMAT. Universities do not consider only one factor while granting admission and scholarships. They consider various factors such as your past academic record, essays, standardized test scores, application documents and so on. If you are looking for fall 2009 semester you should complete the TOEFL by September 2008 and take the GMAT at the same time. It is best to send the applications to the universities one year prior to your proposed year of study. Dedicate 3 months (3 hours every day) for your GMAT test preparation and refer to the Official Guide to GMAT for practice tests.

It is always better to apply to good B schools globally rather than restricting your options to a particular country. You can visit for a list of the top business schools.

I wish to do MBA (Finance / International Business) from abroad and want to apply for Spring 2009 / Fall 2009. I am preparing for the GMAT exam and will appear for it by the end of March 2008.
As far as my academics are concerned, I am a commerce graduate (Bachelor of Commerce - Honours) from Calcutta University and have got 47%. As you this course is of 3 years duration in India. My concern is that having 12+4 years of education is a must for qualifying for the admission criteria or 12+3 years of education will be sufficient. If at all the 12+4 criteria is a must, what are option available to me? How can I fulfil the one year of extra education?  
On the professional front, I have an experience of 5 years in my family business. I have a good quality experience on every front required to run a business successfully. 

What are my chances of getting an admission in a good business school ?

-- Nikunj

Karan replies: The 16th year of education can be one year of a two year Master's degree from a recognized university. Some universities may even ask for the second year of the Master's degree before you apply for admission. You can consider pursuing one year of an MCom degree to fulfill the 16th year criterion. Universities consider many factors before granting admission such as GMAT scores, work experience and so on.

I had passed 10th in Science in 1997; later on I have done 3 year mechanical engg. Diploma (Ploy technique) from Govt. Institute,

From June2001 to till date I am in private job.

Since last 4 years, I am in supply chain (Materials Deptt) and want to get growth in this field.

Can I get admission in any govt./Private institute for MBA in materials or supply chain.

Please guide me & suggest the best way for my carreer growth.

-- Parit

Karan replies: Supply Chain is a booming field and job prospects are good abroad. Diploma course after the 10th grade is generally equivalent to the high school certificate (12th grade) but not a Bachelor's degree. However your can contact individual universities to check whether you can apply for the MBA programme offered by them.

Dear Sir,
I finished my Bachelors in Commerce (3 year Honors course) degree in 1999 from Calcutta and my scores are also very low but now I want to study further. What would be the best course for me? as I belongs from a middle class family and cannot afford a costly study, I have also worked in a Properitorship firm in Calcutta (a house of trading and supplying Leather Chemicals) from 1996 to 2007 in the field of sales & marketing. Please advice What to do?

-- Vikas

Karan replies: An MBA is a general management practical oriented degree for students from all backgrounds wherein one can gain knowledge about different subjects such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and so on. Since you have strong work experience pursuing an MBA would be an ideal choice for you as it will boost your career prospects.

I have done a merchandising course from Nift and from Delhi university(non col ligate) and i am working as a manager with reliance retail with 3.5 years of work experience (age 23 years) . I am already doing MBA from icfai distance learning, i am thinking to pursue executive mba (India and abroad). I want to give my gmat exams by April. Can u please tell if doing an MBA from ISB is fruitful (in regards of growth opportunity as i have heard that after ISB the average salaries are not as much rewarding). and kindly tell what all good universities i can go for (what all examinations has to cleared) keeping in mind my retail back ground and low financial background.

-- Shipra

Karan replies: An Executive MBA is designed for people with 10 years or more of work experience and hence you are not eligible to pursue an Executive MBA.

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