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All about studying in Canada
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February 12, 2008

Are you considering pursuing education in Canada [Images]?

What are the visa requirements? What should be your IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL score to get admission to some of the best universities in Canada?

What's the fee that you will have to pay for the same?

Pushpinder Bhatia, CEO of PAC Asia services, a leading study abroad consulting firm in the country answered these and other queries related to studying and working in Canada.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

venus asked, When do they have spot admissions for Canadian universities in Hyderabad? What is the minimum IELTS score we should have? Can we have your mail id please? Which is a better place to settle Canada / Australia / UK / New Zealand [Images]?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, IELTS score depends on the course you wish to apply. For undergrad courses min required is : 6.0 and some do require 6.5 and above. For Master's 6.5 and above is required.

venus asked, Do we have to attend an interview for the visa? On what grounds do they generally refuse a visa?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes there is a possibilty of interview but it's not done for all Visa applications, you must be positive and think on getting the Approval.

siddeswara asked, Hi Mr. Bahtia.. I would like to know is CANADA good for MASTER's in IT related course?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, HI.. Yes IT is quite popular in Canada and it depends what area of IT you wish to study.

gokul asked, Hi, i want to know what is the average gmat cutoff score for doing MBA, average fees?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi Gokul, GMAT score of 550 or higher for Better B-schools is required. Fee 30,000 $ to 50,000$ for the course.

hero asked, hi can i get course for travel and is it good for canada to settle with course of travel and tourism (ticketing)?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi Hero, Yes there courses for Travel and Tourism and some also cover Ticketing.

venus asked, If one is able to show proof of funds, can a spouse and the kid accompany the student? If yes, does the family get the visa along with the student by default like Australia and New Zealand? And is the spouse allowed to work full time? What are the benefits a family can avail?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes, Visa regulation requires the main applicant to show funds for the complete family unit when applying for Student Visa. Spouse does not get work rights from here.

Mansur asked, I want to get admission in HRM field is there available?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, HI Yes HRM is available in Canada.

venus asked, Can my cousin who lives in the US sponsor my studies in Cananda?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes you can have sponsors from other countries.

chintu asked, hey hi....I have applied to some canadian universities like toronto and waterloo for MS degree in Mathematics finance..Fall 2008. Wanted to know about the scholarship options and about the cost of study there? Also tell me the job option after my MS degree in Canada.

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Many Universities in canada offer scholarships to Indian students. It's always better to contact the respective faculty person listed on their site. Avg cost is from 25,000 $ - 50,000 for the course. As international student you have to find the job yourself however most of the Universities have a placement cell to assist but do not assure any Jobs.

ppp asked, is it easy to get admission for film making course in canada, toronto?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes there are many good institutes for Film making.

nagi asked, hello sir, how r u? i am 33 and working as analyst and did MBA in correspondence. but now i want to pursue my studies in abroad by working. is it possible? i have 10 yrs work experience and i want to study either in canada, australia or in new zealand?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, you can certainly continue your studies in canada, Australia after 10 years' work experience. you can also get part time work permit while you study.

vasundra shukla asked, if I have to do a diploma course how are the job opportunities in media related industry considering if i have 5 yrs of relevant experience in india?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi can only advise you on study options!

Rahul asked, Hi Pushpinder. I am currently working in a telecom company as a lead with experience of 6+ years in product testing. I have done my M.Sc (Comp Sc.). I want to pursue a advanced course in IT (like MCA). Which are the good universities to study IT in Canada? What would be the job prospects after doing the course? I also have a family friend staying in Canada (Toronto) who can sponser me. I can manage the education & living expenses out of my own savings. What would be the best way to go forward on this? Your answer would be really appreciated. Thanks. Rahul.

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, HI Rahul, there is always a big demand for skilled professionals. there are many good universities but it depends which is your preferred city: few names: Brock Uni, Mc Master, McGill, Uni of Toronto. you require a detailed counseling session so would suggest you email us on:

ap_space18 asked, hi, i have applied for my master in industrial engineering in dalhousie and concordia universities which one would be better to join? suggestions pls.

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Both are good universities.. you should check course content they teach and then choose the one you like!

Arvin asked, Hi Sir, I have 2 years of work ex as software engg in top indian MNC. I want to go for further studies in field of computer science. Please tell me whether canada will be the good choice or US? is there any canadian university which offer scholorship to me, i have taken gre (1250) and toefl (101) also. my undergrad is 80% in BE. will studying in canada plus my work ex enables me to get PR there in quick time?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi Arvin, both canada and US offer good opportunity in computer science, your scores are good and would allow you to apply in most of the Universities, for scholarships you need to contact university.

Gauresh asked, Hi Pushpinder, I am planning to do MBA frm canada, I have 2+yrs exp in Corporate HRD as a IT recruiter. Is it mandatory to complete 16yrs of education to apply for a masters degree in Canada frm a good university? Also interested to know d list of universities worth doing a MBA from? Thanks. Best Regards, Gauresh.

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes 16 years is mandatory for all Masters Degree in Canada. McGill, Uni of Toronto, Brock Uni are good to apply.

mallikarjun asked, my qualification discontinued. can i have any chances to do studies in abroad?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes you can Apply for Diploma or Pathyway courses leading to Bachelors.

fgdg asked, I've got admit for the MBA program from Univ. of Toronto, Rotman. How good is the college for jobs?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Uni' of Toronto is quite good and very well known in the Business industry. I am sure you will get a good job.

Vaikunth asked, I am a Professor Physiotherapy, I wish to do my PhD at Canada. Is it possible to get scholarship or funding to do my PhD?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi, very few universities offer PhD in this area so will need to contact them directly for scholarships.

harsha asked, And, to pursue MBA in a good Uni, what is the experience they require and does a technical job like 2yrs as Software engineer count as proff experience? And, are there any good unis which require only IELTS score and not GMAT score?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Most of the good uni' require 2-4 years full time work experience for MBA, both IELTS and GMAT is required!

bala asked, hi, I am an Engineer having 10 years of experience in International Marketing, want to go in for Executive or Evening MBA along with a JOB in Canada. Whats the possibility?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, As international student you are allowed to only study Full time courses and not evening. there are some good Executive MBAs for shorter duration of 1 year to choose.

Jayan asked, Hello Pushpinder, I am in the process of migrating to Canda on a PR status. I am now 37, a post-graduate in Geography and I would like to undergo study programmes in Canada in Viticulture or Horticulture. Please let me know what are the kind of programmes and the centres that I can join, once I am in Canada? Are there National Certificate programmes in Canada for these subjects?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, If you have already filed your application for Immigration then you can not process student visa, you need to wait for the decision on first application and then may be apply for a student visa.

subhash asked, Hello Sir, are there universities which do take students with 15yrs of education for a MBA programme?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, HI, you can go for Bridging courses or Pre Masters courses which lead into MBA, these are designed for students who do not have 16 years qualification.

Mir asked, Hello sir, i want to do a one year course after my bcom. and want to pursue apprenticeship in Canada and plan to settle after that permanently. What are the prospects?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, sorry I have many questions to reply to so it takes time.. there are many one year courses you firts need to choose the area of study. Many diploma courses are of 1-1.5 years, you can choose from Business, IT, Travel etc.

Rohit asked,  Hi Sir, I am doing PhD from IIT delhi. in supply chain management. How i can approach to universities for post doc in Canada. any renowned university in management studies?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, the best things is to first identify the university and then email the respective faculty for PhD.

seshagiri asked, i did my after i did PGDBA through distance learning. my age 31year how can i do MBA at canada?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Yes you can, you need to get your PGDBA checked by the respective university if they accept towards 16 years qualification. PGDBA should be from UGC recognised University in India.

rajneeshanand asked, Hi, I am electronics engineer working in a research organisation in the field of analytical instrumentation. I have done MTech in Instrument Technology. Would like to do Doctorate in Canada. Please suggest how to proceed & what options are available?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, First select the University or city you wish to study in and then contact respective faculty coordinator for Doctorate requirements. coordinator contact details are always mentioned on the faculty site page.


Pushpinder Bhatia answers, HI, there are many options for Animation study from Diploma level to Degree level, depending on your backgoud in this area you can apply. if you already have any experience then you can apply for advance level courses.

mahima asked, hi, i am pursuing MBA (tech) with specialisation in telecommunication engineering from Narsee monjee institute of management and higher studies (NMIMS), mumbai. it's a 5yr direct post graduation course after 12th with 6 months work experience in technical field and 6 months in management field. what is the eligibility required for me for MBA in international business from Canada? how many more years of work experience are required?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, you should be eligble to apply for MBA after you finish your course in India, most of the top ranked uni's require 2-4 years of full time experience.

Vaikunth asked, How long the student visa process takes?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, normal process time is 2-3 weeks but some cases can take more time.

deepankar_blore asked, I raised a question on Ivey MBA.But never got any reply back. Pls give me an answer on the employability options and the opportunities on hand after completing an Ivey MBA. Also I guess to avail a loan we need to be either a canadian citizen or a landed immigrant. I am eligible for PR. I am trying to apply from US as I am going on a work assigment in Apr. What is your take on this idea to go and avail loan or go as a local student?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, I see no reason why you can not get a Job after studying from a Good University. however jobs are not only based on your education background but also on your overall smartness. You can apply for Education Loan from India itself.

nash asked, hello Mr. Bhatia .. i am an instrumentation engineer from mumbai and have 3 years of work exp. I plan to do my MBA in Canada cos i have my relatives in ottawa .... would it be easier to get a student visa if i show i have a family there ... i am a univeristy rank holder too ... do all colleges require GMAT?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi, yes most of the Uni' srequire GMAT for MBA.

Mishra asked, Hi I have a Degree from open university in Canada. Will that be accepted as my qualifications for an MBA course?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, I will need the details, name of the Open university to further advise. if its a government recognised then it can be accpeted.

vetri asked, Can i do Ph.D Degree in canada?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Hi Yes you can.. depending on what area you wish to pursue i can send the details.. for more details you can email me on:

Maverick asked, When you mention $ 50000 is iy US$ OR Canadian $?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Canadian Dollars.

Vinayaka asked, After completing Masters in computer science, how are job opportunities in canada, I heard there less job opportunities.

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Like i said earlier Jobs are not based on just your qualification but over all smartness and your skills. there is always a requirement for good IT specialists.

Chetan asked, HI...can you name a few B-schools in canada...where the rate of acceptance is decent?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, Mc Master, McGill, Uni of toronto, Brock Uni some of them.. all uni's have their onw admission requirement and they will certainly accept you if you qualify.

Nischal asked, Hello sir, Am interested in doing my master's in mechanical in Canada I have an offer from university of windsor... Howz the university?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, It's a good University.

jp asked, hi, i had applied for study visa for culinary college in canada. it was a bridge course between one of the catering colleges in mumbai n Culinary school Naigara, where one has to spent 6 month in mumbai college and 9 months in canada. i had sucesfully completed my 6 months in mumbai but my visa was refused for further studies in canada, i reapplied but again it was refused. My question is will this refusal of my visa make any difference if i apply for a job visa or immigration in future?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, your details are already on the syetem of Immigration/ Visa office hence whereever you apply for next visa for Canada your past record will be checked. this does not mean you can't apply for Job visa or Immigration!

jagdish asked, hi sir i want doing MBA but My english is not good so can i do MBA?

Pushpinder Bhatia answers, for Admission in MBA English test is required so you will need to given either TOEFL or IELTS test.

Pushpinder Bhatia says, This is all we have time for, today.

Pushpinder Bhatia guides students aspiring to study in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland among other countries.
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