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Should you do a second MBA abroad?
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December 20, 2006

Are you an MBA? And think it will be good for your career to go for another MBA abroad? If yes, you'd also be wondering if there is a negative bias against people going for their second MBA.


"Some universities do not accept students who have already done an MBA," says international education counsellor Karan Gupta. Most universities are not biased against people who have done a prior MBA."


Karan answered these and other such queries during a chat on December 14.


For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.


Part I: Will a one year MBA get you a job?
Part II: Want an MBA abroad? Get work experience



anubhav asked, Hi karan, i'm intrested in knowing if there is a negative bias against people going for their second MBA

KARAN answers, Some universities do not accept students who have already done an MBA. Most universities are not biased against people who have done a prior MBA.



Abhi asked, Sir i am looking forward to do an MBA from Canada [Images] pls can you guide me as to which colleges are good and how are the placements.

KARAN answers, Placements in Canada are decent and most people can migrate to Canada after doing an MBA. Universities such as University of British Columbia, McGill, Waterloo and Toronto are good schools.



arren asked, hi i am workin with the big 4 firms in their consultancy wing (2 yrs exper now). Will be earning around 15-20 lakhs in 3-4 years frm now and will have good future prospects. I have a good academic background too. What do u suggest should my target GMAT score be to get into top B-Schools? Also please let me know which b-schools should i target?

KARAN answers, Target a 700+ in your GMAT and then apply to universities such as Harvard, Stanford, LBS, Wharton and so on.



Nishant asked, Hi Karan, I have taken GMAT and scored 680. Now I want to know what colleges I should apply to in US. I am a BTech with 69% and have a work ex. of 5 yrs. Do I necessarily need to approach a study consultant?

KARAN answers, If you are aware of the schools that you want to apply to and can prepare the admission documents on your own, you do not need an education consultant. You can consider schools such as Purdue University, Indiana University Bloomington, USC, and so on.



Gowrishankar asked, Hi Karan, I have over 11 years of IT experience and I am planning to do my MBA at INSEAD, France [Images]. I would like to switch career to Finance. How can I go about planning my MBA and post MBA career in Finance? Since I dont have much Finance background, what kind of career should I be aiming for.

KARAN answers, You are allowed to switch your careers and hence you can work in a finance related field. INSEAD prefers candidates with many years of work experience, like you.



Ajay asked, Sir, Q:- Which is the most Welcoming & non-Discriminatory country for Indian students/immigrants ????????????

KARAN answers, None. All countries, including India, discriminate against Indians in some form or another.



Bipin asked, What about doing MBA in Newzealand?

KARAN answers, New Zealand [Images] is a very small country with very few universities. Getting jobs in New Zealand after doing an MBA is not easy.



xyz asked, hi Karan, Pl. let me know whether doing MBA for IIM is good or from USA universities. I am an engineering graduate. My G.Mat score is 710. I intend to apply for top ten US Universities for doing MBA in 2007 for joining in fall 2008. I wiil be having 3 years work experience as on the date of joining college. what are my chances of getting admission in top ten universities.

KARAN answers, If you can get into the IIMs, you should go for it. The IIMs are very cheap and job placements after graduation (especially in finance) are excellent.



Amit asked, Hi Karan..I am Software Engineer from NSIT, Delhi..Working with Flextronics for almost 2 years..I am planning to do my MBA from Melbourne Business School..Could you please provide me with some information about the school..about the reputation and the jobs ater the course.

KARAN answers, MBS is a good school and is reputed in Asia and Australia. Jobs after MBS are not very difficult to get.



rb asked, Hi Karan, the markets have been doing quite well for the last couple of years now. Is it prudent to go in for an MBA now, with uncertainty linked to a market correction going forward ?

KARAN answers, What is the link between an MBA abroad and the market performance in India? Make sure you have finances in order before you decide to pursue an MBA.



Ashok asked, hi, i am Ashok, working as a software test engineer, i have planned to do MBA,

KARAN answers, That's good.



Karan asked, Hi Karan. I have 730 in GMAT and around 5 years of work experience as an MBBS doctor. Which schools should I apply at?

KARAN answers, You can apply to the top schools in the US and Europe. Look at Report Ed Education magazine site for rankings and then apply to the top schools.



pankil asked, Hi I have done my BCA in 2003 and am working in MNC since Sep 03.I am also pursuing MS(S/W Engg) from BITS Pilani through Corporate Collaborative Program. I will be finishing my MS by mid 2008. How should I approach European Business Schools for 1 yr MBA?

KARAN answers, Write good essays indicating your short term and long term career goals. This will help you get admissions to the top business schools.



champ asked, hi Karan, wanted info on MBA in UK, europe and Nederlands. Would a 1 year full time in UK fetch me a decent job in UK? Wud also be interested in knowing about part-time weekend mba courses in uk and nederlands? I am a BE(Computeter) with 7 yrs work ex

KARAN answers, For a part-time MBA, you need to have a full time job in the particular country. Once you have a job, apply to the university after taking the GMAT and TOEFL exams.



nc asked, karan, what chances do I have to get into a Executive MBA course at a top B school with 7 years of experience, does it require GMAT

KARAN answers, I recommend an executive MBA only after 10 years of work experience. And yes, most programmes need the GMAT.



Blue asked, Hi Karan, I have 4 yrs advertising work ex, a 3 yr Bachelor of Management Studies Degree, and a GMAT score of 700. Which school in the US should I target? Thanks

KARAN answers, Again, you can apply to the top schools in US and Europe.



ishita asked, Hi Karan,I have done B.E. in Industrial Production.I am working in the software division of uk's largest retailer for the past 1o months.I am planning to do MBA in retail mgt.suggest name of European and American business schools.

KARAN answers, Retail management may be an offered course under the business school. You can opt for an MBA and then take a class in Retail management. Look at universities such as UNC-Chappel Hill, Penn State University and so on.



farhan asked, Hello Sir, im an MCA grad. with more than 1.5 yrs in a software concern. I plan to go in for an MBA; which specialization shd i opt for considering my background? Pls advise.

KARAN answers, You can opt for a general managment option as you would learn equally about streams such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing and so on.



omkar asked, hallo I want some info about books for chooing right business school?

KARAN answers, Look at Report Ed Education magazine as well as the USNews.



anil asked, Karanji i want to pursue an MBA abroad and i have listed down the following and would like to hear your comments on it:- 1]Carneige Mellon 2]HEC Paris 3]Richard Ivey 4]Rotman

KARAN answers, All the schools you have mentioned are good schools.



arun1 asked, Hi Karan, I have done 5 yrs Integrated Masters(thro IITJEE) In Mathematics and Computing from IIT.I passed out in 2005 may and since then I have cleared few papers from Actuarial Society of India.It would be gr8 if you can provide me with some kind of guidance/prospects for doing MBA abroad keeping this in mind tht I don't have a work-ex.Also I am very much interested in going for Financial Engineering.plz suggest something for this . Thanks

KARAN answers, Without work experience, don't look at an MBA. Instead a Master's degree in Financial Engineering may be a better option for you.



Anwesha asked, Hi Karan, Could you the following Univs ofr MBA...Emory,Rochester,Wake Forest,Southern Methodist.

KARAN answers, In order of rankings, Emory, U of Rochester, Wake Forest, SMU.



Saurabh asked, Hi, How is Scotland as a destination to do MBA and look for a job there after that. I have completed my Computer Engg. and am in S/W from the past two years.

KARAN answers, We have answered a similar question before.



Part I: Will a one year MBA get you a job?
Part II: Want an MBA abroad? Get work experience

Part III: MBA abroad? Get good letters of recommendation


Karan Gupta, founder of Karan Gupta Consulting, has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and then at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. While pursuing his education, he worked at the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is now the honorary study abroad counsellor at Jaihind College, Mumbai.



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