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Will a one year MBA get you a job?
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December 18, 2006

Some of you may find it beneficial to go for a one-year MBA programme abroad, instead of the more popular two-year MBA. However, you may wonder why an employer would hire you then, over a candidate with a two-year MBA.


Education abroad counsellor Karan Gupta says, "Most people prefer a one-year MBA programme because you spend less money as you get on your job hunt faster. Employers don't distinguish between people who have done a one-year MBA and those who go for a two-year MBA."


Karan enlightened readers on such issues and more, during a chat on December 14.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



KARAN says, Good afternoon and welcome to the Karan Gupta Chat Room. I am here now, so please go ahead with your questions.



upendra asked, plz provide me good Institutes in Europe and procedure to secure in such colleges. provide me few websites to learn the process of applying from basics as I am not aware of these details. With Regards, Guru rupendra

KARAN answers, Which course are you applying for? If you are applying for an MBA, you can look at universities such as London [Images] Business School, Insead, IE Business School and so on. You can visit the Financial Times site or the Report Ed Education magazine site or for ranking information.



Ruchit asked, I am doing my MBA in TOurism Management, from Rhode Island, USA, what are the scopes in India after education abroad?

KARAN answers, Indian employers prefer people with international degrees. However, they most likely will not pay you more because of your foreign degree. Most people who do Tourism Management work in their own family businesses.



Ruchit asked, Is there anyway that I can get the transfer credits and finish my MBA somewhere in Europe or Australia to get the real international exposure?

KARAN answers, Generally speaking, transfer credits at the graduate level are not possible. You will have to complete the entire graduate course (MBA) at the university that you go to.



pwn asked, hi karan i have a education institute, want 2 goen in aviation education field is there any org or institute oversies which we r contect. thanx - pawan

KARAN answers, I am not so sure if foreign institutes will tie up with local organisations here for aviation. Your best bet is to contact a few of the flying schools in the US and Australia and check directly with them. Use a search engine to find the names of flying schools abroad.



kaushik asked, how would be London School of Economics for information management? what r the job prospects there?

KARAN answers, LSE is an excellent school. If you graduate from LSE, you most likely will not have a problem in getting jobs.



kaushik asked, i have heard INSEAD is generous with scholarships?

KARAN answers, No, INSEAD is not known to give many scholarships to Indian applicants. Admissions to INSEAD are very competitive and few candidates are offered admission. Scholarships are even more competitive and most students pay for their course through personal funds.


kaushik asked, can u suggest some good UK universities for MBA in information management or general management?

KARAN answers, London Business School, University of Warwick, Oxford University and Cambridge University are the top business schools in the UK. Many of them have MBAs with general management and courses in information management.



ramesh asked, what is the GMAT score required to get admission in Indian School of business....and for the good universities in USA & Is it Mandatory that having 70% in Degree...for Indian School of Business

KARAN answers, Universities look at many different aspects of your application before making an admission decision. The GMAT and your academics are only part of the admission process. The universities will look at your work experience and reasons to do an MBA as well. The average GMAT scores for top schools including ISB are around 650.



Janani asked, What doyouthink about bradfod MBA. Is it worth to send a huge amount


KARAN answers, University of Bradford is an average university and if you can apply to a better school, you should consider doing that.



John asked, How much money is needed and What GMAT score is required to get MBA Admit at Stanford GSB,Wharton, Harvard,SLoan School MIT or any other top schools in US. I have around 5 years work experience. BTech in ECE, MSEE from singapore.

KARAN answers, The average fees at the universities you have mentioned are around $50,000 per year. The average GMAT score is around 650.




KARAN answers, This is a study abroad chat only.



kiran asked, hi karan,i am doing my final year of my btech.Can u tell me wat r the things that i have to do for the next two years so that i can get a scholarship when i apply for foreign mba in 2009 and also wat are the things that have i to do for making good extra curricular record.

KARAN answers, Study hard for your GMAT and collect 'good' work experience. These factors are important when the admission committee decides on candidates for a scholarship.



Vaibhav asked, I was interested in doing ms in finance ,what are the other exams that I should give here to enhance ms

KARAN answers, For admissions to an MS in Finance, you should appear for the GMAT and the TOEFL.



rohit asked, Hi iam a software programmer with 3 years experience, want to apply for an MBA in uk for sept 2007. What are the job prospects in europe after the mba ? is it better if i stick to programming ?

KARAN answers, You need to evaluate your career goals before making this decision. An MBA from a top ranked well-known school in Europe will help you get a job after graduation.



pramod asked, i have six years of work experience in sales,i want to do MBA should i go for 2year fulltime or one year course please guide me?

KARAN answers, Most people prefer a one year MBA programme because you spend less money as you get on your job hunt faster. Employers don't distinguish between people who have done a one-year MBA and those who go for a two-year MBA.



Tendulkar asked, 4 yrs experience post MMS, working with one of the best Multinational research firm, interested in entrpreneurship, What sd i do, go for an MBA or start a business and learn the nuances practically?

KARAN answers, Once again, evaluate what you want to do in life. An MMS is equivalent to an MBA and with this degree, I think you can directly start a business.



kanhal asked, i heard that getting work permit in europe is nearly impossible. So what are my options after a UK MBA , apart from working in India ?

KARAN answers, Work permits in Europe are not that difficult anymore. If you graduate from a well-known university, many organisations may consider hiring you.



TheOne asked, I want to do my MBA abroad but I am worried about the cost factor. Can you please put a comparison of Asian and other B-Schools cost-wise and campus-recruitment wise? What would you suggest for a software professional like me with 3 yrs of exp?

KARAN answers, Asian business schools such as National University Singapore, Asian Institute of Management, etc, are all good schools but generally don't have worldwide placements. Europe and US business schools have worldwide placements. The fees vary from university to university and are not area specific.



SB asked, My age is 29 years and I am into IT field, can i still apply for MBA in either US or UK? If yes, please can you guide which MBA degree would be better for ppl like me (who work in IT field). What will be the procedure? thanks

KARAN answers, An MBA would suit your profile and would help you move into managerial work. A General MBA will suit your needs more than a focused one.



kunal asked, Hi! i have 2.5 years of experience in GSM project management. i want to pursue a 1 year MBA program which is not expensive

KARAN answers, Appear for your GMAT and TOEFL and then apply for admissions.



Nevin asked, I have more than 4 years experience after my 12+3+1. Would I get admission in a good US university for MBA? My interests are Marketing and Finance. Suggest me few good universities and the desired GMAT score.

KARAN answers, Admissions are based on your work experience, your GMAT scores and your past academic record. Aim for a GMAT score of above 650 and look at the top universities such as NYU, Michigan Ann Arbor and so on.



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Karan Gupta, founder of Karan Gupta Consulting, has been working as a professional counsellor since 1999. He studied at Ithaca College and then at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. While pursuing his education, he worked at the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid office and the International Office. Karan is now the honorary study abroad counsellor at Jaihind College, Mumbai.



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