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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 8 Basic Tech Tools Every Business Needs

8 Basic Tech Tools Every Business Needs

Last updated on: May 31, 2016 10:09 IST

#1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Ease of operation

Wireless keyboard mouse combo

Buy Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combos Under Rs 1000

In a start-up, laptops are preferred more than desktops as they save both space and money. However, the attached keyboard and mouse of a laptop can hamper the performance and ease. Adding a wireless keyboard and mouse can make things easy to work on a computer or a laptop in a fixed place.

#2 Router – High speed connectivity


Buy Wireless Routers Under Rs 1000

A good router ensures proper connectivity in all the areas of your office or home. These routers by iBall and D-Link come with superior signal strength which offer better connectivity in and around your home or office.

#3 Data Card – Stay connected on the go

Data card

Buy iBall Airway Data Card @ Rs 1149

Meeting an investor for funding? Present your business idea, show them presentations, spreadsheets and other minute details about your industry in the quickest way with this high speed data card by iBall. With a download speed of 21 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 Mbps, surfing the internet is a breeze.

#4 Pen Drive & Removable Hard Drive – Store and transfer data with ease

Pen drive and hard drive

Buy SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Blade Pen Drive (Pack of 3) @ Rs 629

Buy WD 1TB Hard Drive @ Rs 4199 

Storing and transferring heavy files is imperative in the daily operations of your business. Your start-up really needs a pen drive and an external hard drive for easy data transfer.

#5 Watch TV on your PC @ Rs 1499

iBall Claro

Buy iBall Claro TV Tuner @ Rs 1499

Most offices have a television either to remain updated with the latest industry trends via news or for entertainment purposes. It is ideal for start-ups involved in media planning or buying and selling as they have to check whether or not the desired TV commercial was aired during the particular slot. Why buy a separate TV when you can watch TV on your LED/LCD or CRT monitor at the fraction of cost. With the Claro TV tuner card, you can watch TV and listen to FM radio as well. The HD output delivers crystal clear images without flicker.

#6 Wireless Mice – Live wire free

Wireless Mouse

Buy Wireless Mice Under Rs 250

Operate your PC or laptop from a faraway distance with a wireless mouse. The best part about this mouse is that they are wire free and can be easily carried in the laptop bag.

#7 Portable Laptop Stand – Make the best use of the available space

Portable Laptop Stand

Buy Portable Laptop Stand @ Rs 629

If you are rented a small apartment for your start-up, there are higher chances of space constraints. You can use this portable laptop stand to place your laptop and comfortably sit on the floor without compromising on your posture.

#8 Speakers – A little bit of entertainment does not harm

Krisons Home Theater

Buy Krisons Multimedia Home Theater Speaker @ Rs 999

After all the hard work, meetings, presentations etc, it is time for some entertainment. You can connect your smartphone with this Krisons speaker to enjoy high quality music. 



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