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Own the Apple iPhone for 4K

March 26, 2018 15:59 IST

With new smartphones being launched almost every month, gadget loves often have this urge of laying their hands on the latest device. However, frequent upgrades could burn a hole in your pocket. Well, we have a solution to this problem. How about buying a pre-owned smartphone? Thinking which one to buy, we have a few options for you-

#1 Apple


Buy Apple iPhone starting @ Rs 3699

What makes an Apple iPhone so special? well, iPhones not just score high on looks but are built to perform as well. They have an in-house developed processor which are unparalleled and ideal for multitasking. Be it 512MB or 3GB RAM, the apps run smooth and hassle-free on the iPhone. Also, the Retina HD display and a brilliant camera of the iPhones need a special mention.

iPhone Compare

You could buy an Apple iPhone 4s for as low as Rs 3699. Furthermore, an iPhone 6 worth Rs 25000 is available for Rs 18200.


Buy Apple iPad starting @ Rs 9000

Not just these, check out a wide range of pre-owned iPhone and iPad deals here.

#2 Samsung

Samsung smartphones

 Buy Samsung Galaxy Smartphone starting @ Rs 11700

Known for its mindblowing display resolution and ruggedness, Samsung leads the game with the highest market share.

You could buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 worth Rs 68000 worth Rs 47000 and Samsung Galaxy S8 worth Rs 49000 for Rs 38000. Check out a lot of deals on Samsung smartphone here.

#3 Vivo


Buy Vivo Smartphones starting @ Rs 6200

Vivo is the fifth largest smartphone brand globally. All their smartphones come with amazing cameras, brilliant resolutions and a superior battery life.

Vivo V5 and Vivo V5 Plus are available for Rs 12000 and Rs 14000 respectively.



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