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How To Convert Your Existing Speakers Into Wireless Speakers

Last updated on: March 27, 2015 10:44 IST

Convert Your Speakers Into Wireless Speaker ,with Bluetooth Audio Receiiver

Now Turn Your Speakers Into Wireless Speakers With This Magical Gadget Worth Rs. 975

Turn Any Old Speakers Into Wireless Streamers

A home audio system isn’t the sort of thing that should require replacing every year or two like a smartphone or a laptop. This stuff is costly—connoisseurs consider their audio systems an investment, and with proper care, a quality home stereo can last decades. But with the proliferation of streaming music services, if you haven’t upgraded your system in a while, it may feel behind the times—especially if it’s lacking any wireless connections.

 Convert Your Speakers Into Wireless Speaker ,with Bluetooth Audio Receiiver

Buy Bluetooth Stereo Audio Music Receiver For Just Rs.975

Easily Can Be Connected To All Devices

The device (USB Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth Stereo Audio Music Receiver) that we are mentioning here is a superb accessory for all music lovers because it lets ordinary speakers instantly become wireless Bluetooth stereo audio music speakers. You can pair with any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops, mobile phone, speaker and Bluetooth audio transmitter or play music of Mobile Phones, iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC or any Bluetooth device on our Mini Speaker / Home Audio System wirelessly.

 Convert Your Speakers Into Wireless Speaker ,with Bluetooth Audio Receiiver

Connect All Your Mobile Phones, iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC or Home Audio System Wirelessly For Just Rs.975

The technology of this gadget transmits audio signal through Bluetooth to this device while it remains connected to the mini speaker or home audio system. This gives the choice of listening your music loudly from your Mobile Device wirelessly or without clutters of wires.

How to Use:

Bluetooth speakers are finally becoming more abundant, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your phone or tablet. No docking stations, no auxiliary cables—a complete freedom.

 See This Diagram On How To Connect Your old Speakers

Learn How To Connect This Gadget With Your Normal Speakers

  1. Insert the receiver into the speaker's USB interface, and the other end connected through the 3.5mm audio cable to the receiver and the LINE-IN interface of speakers.
  2. Open the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (or computer), and search the surrounding Bluetooth devices to find a device called PT-music and then its' pairing code is 0000, after the pairing is successful, the led light will slow down.
  3. Then you can select the music via Bluetooth from a cell phone or computer, a great music will play from the speaker




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