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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 7 Signs You're Addicted to Your Smartphone

7 Signs You're Addicted to Your Smartphone

April 20, 2016 17:33 IST

#1 You carry your charger almost everywhere

You are always living under the fear that your phone would run out of battery. Carry this power bank instead of that wired charger.

Power Bank

Buy Intex 10000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 749

Click here for a wide range of Power Banks

#2 You almost get a mini heart attack whenever your phone drops

Always play safe. A durable mobile cover can prevent your phone from damage caused by falling.

Mobile cover

Buy Snaptic Soft Transparent Back Cover @ Rs 249

Click here for a wide range of Cases & Covers

#3 You watch movies on your smartphone

You are a true smartphone lover! You don’t need a big screen to watch movies. Your smartphone is your mini theatre. Place this HD screen magnifier to increase the size of the visuals on your smartphone.

HD Screen Magnifier

Buy Snaptic HD Smartphone Screen Magnifier @ Rs 136

Don’t forget to connect the Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone for a truly cinematic experience.

Bluetooth speaker

Buy X6U Wireless Bluetooth Speaker @ Rs 499

Click here for a wide range of Bluetooth Speakers

#4 You can’t sleep without listening to your favourite songs

No! Not on that old music player your dad gifted to you a couple of years ago! You plug your headphones to your smartphone before dozing off.


Buy Earphones/Headphones Under Rs 600

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#5 You can survive a heartbreak but can’t see a cracked screen

A true smartphone lover would use a tempered glass screen protector despite having a smartphone cover to prevent any kind of screen damage.

Tempered glass screen protector 

Buy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Starting @ Rs 99

#6 Talking on your phone while walking/driving

Caution: Use a Bluetooth headset and refrain from using your smartphone on these occasions to prevent fatal accidents.

Bluetooth headset

Buy Zebronics Bluetooth Headset @ Rs 449

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#7 You don’t need a digital camera for click pictures on your trips

Your smartphone plays the role of a camera as well. Just that you need a reasonably good selfie stick to click group pictures.

Selfie Stick

Buy Selfie Stick @ Rs 695

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