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7 Latest Gadgets You Need to Lay Your Hands On

May 11, 2017 11:57 IST

Why spend on an expensive smartphone which would be outdated in a couple of months! Invest in these smart gadgets which are worth every penny. They may look like just another gadgets but each one comes with distinct features which set them apart from the rest.

Here are 7 latest gadgets you need to lay your hands on-

#1 Xiaomi VR Headset - Experience virtual reality

 Xiaomi VR Headset

Buy Xiaomi VR Headset @ Rs 1175

Immerse yourself in an alternate, panoramic or 3D universe brought to life on Mi VR Play. Enjoy pictures in front of your eyes by moving from left to right, up and down. Virtual reality is the best way to explore the world without limitations. Be it an underwater dive, a rollercoaster ride or ski ride, these virtual reality glasses transport you to a whole new world. Want to recall your holiday memories from last year? Simply insert your smartphone in the VR headset and relive those precious moments. Show it to your friends and family and let them experience it as if they were there.

#2 Sporty earphones - Excellent sound output

Sporty Earphones

Buy Sporty Earphones @ Rs 199 

With ear piece design, the fit of these earphones has been tested to never to fall out. These earphones have superb bass and are therefore the right choice when you hear your favourite tracks.

#3 Car Shaped Wireless Mouse - Don't go by the looks

Wireless Mouse

Buy Car Shaped Wireless Mouse @ Rs 445

This sporty looking car is not a toy but a 2.4GHz optical mouse. Make your boring work desk interesting with this car shaped mouse.

#4 Life Like B90 Smartwatch - Not just a watch

 Life Like B90 Smartwatch

Buy Life Like B90 Bluetooth Smartwatch @ Rs 999

The speaker of this smartwatch delivers excellent sound output. With Bluetooth audio transmission and hands-free calling feature, you can easily take calls from this smartwatch. It has other novelty features like a stopwatch, alarm clock, selfie timer camera function, FM radio and so on.

#5 SanDisk Pen Drive - Transfer files from your Android smartphone to PC/Laptop instantly

 SanDisk Pen Drive

Buy SanDisk Pen Drive @ Rs 600

You may be wondering how can a pen drive be the latest gadget? This SanDisk pen drive makes it easy to transfer files from your smartphone to your PC. With a micro USB connector and a USB 3.0 connector on the other, the pen drive lets you move your content easy and fast. This pen drive is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets with OTG support. Imagine you are on a holiday and you run out of space on your smartphone by clicking some beautiful pictures! Simply connect your smartphone to this pen drive and free up space on your phone instantly.

#6 Port USB Hub - Must have gadget for smooth data transfer

3 Port USB Hub

Buy 3 Port USB Hub cum Card Reader @ Rs 299

This is a portable gadget and can be carried even when you are on the go. Along with USB ports, this reader also supports MS/Pro Duo, M2, SD and Micro SD memory cards which make data transfer very easy. This high-Speed USB 2.0 offers data transfer at a lightning speed of up to 480 Mbps. Now, transfer files from your computer to other digital devices quickly.

#7 Mini Keyboard - For faster texting

 Wireless keyboard

Buy Wireless Mini Keyboard @ Rs 799

In this fast paced world, this Bluetooth keyboard allows you to text faster than ever! This mini Bluetooth keyboard turns your tablet into a mini laptop. Be it typing emails, playing games or chatting, this mini keyboard makes your task easy.



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