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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 6 Tech Gadgets That Make Your Daily Work Tasks Easier

6 Tech Gadgets That Make Your Daily Work Tasks Easier

Last updated on: June 17, 2016 17:32 IST


Most everyone will agree that gadgets that help improve day-to-day productivity are essential in the fast-paced business world. Your components could be to blame—hardware that's due for an upgrade. Setting up a speedier system could be as simple as updating your USB ports with an external dock, or you could step up to speedier storage.

Read on to find out how these computer accessories can help you in increasing your productivity.

#1. If your Notebook is heating up very fast and producing weird sound you can try this 360 degree rotating large USB fan metal series or notebook cooling pad.

 Cooling pad for laptop

Buy Notebook Cooling Laptop Stand 360 Rotate Starts @ Rs. 235

#2.  Use OTG pen drives if you need more space on your Android smartphone or tablet or want to play tunes from another device, or view videos and pictures stored elsewhere.

OTG Pendrives

Buy Sandisk OTG and Pendrive Combo Starting Just Rs.329

#3. If you don’t like that old bulky mouse, then you can try these ultra slim wireless optical mouse or you even try some good combo sets with keyboard at a very low cost.

Keyboard and Mouse Combos at Attractive Prices

Buy Ultra Slim Wireless Mouse Or Combo Of Mouse and Keyboard Starts Rs.499

#4. During work it’s important for you to take regular break or you can listen to some good music as it soothes your mind and helps in cultivating more positive thoughts.

Speakers and Headphones

Buy Intex Speakers and Headphones by iBall Starts Rs.439

#5. Your laptop or notebook is your investment and thus it’s necessary to keep them update and free from any damage.

3 in 1 Laptop Skin

Buy Silicone Laptop Skin Starts Rs.265

#6. Sip morning coffee while checking up your mails, let children play their action games during the day and study the e-modules and use it for reading at night be it an ebook on your laptop or the all time bestsellers from your library.

Laptop Stand With Cooling Fan

Buy Laptop Table Stand With cooling Fan Starts Rs.599



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