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6 Reasons Why You Need a Smartwatch

November 17, 2016 12:52 IST

This one is for all those who thought a smartwatch was nothing more than a status symbol. It's time you change your opinion. Here are 7 reasons why you need a smartwatch -

#1 More time to look up

Snaptic U8 Smartwatch

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With the constant notifications and your never ending smartphone addiction, you tend to pull it out every time you hear a beep which keeps you occupied all the time. However, with the arrival of a smartwatch, there is hardly a need to dig out your smartphone every time it beeps. Also, as most notifications are irrelevant, a smartwatch helps you navigate through the unwarranted mess. Just one glance at your smartwatch and you will when you need to pull out your smartphone.

#2 No more low battery notifications

DZ09 Smartwatch

Buy DZ09 GSM Smartwatch @ Rs 1099

The crystal clear HD display may be very impressive but is the prime factor responsible for the battery drainage. If you happen to see most of your notifications of your smartphone on the smartwatch, your phone's screen will hardly be turned on, leaving you with more battery on your phone to complete the actually relevant tasks like checking mails or watching videos.

#3 Spare time to get a healthy body


Intex Fitrist

 Buy Intex Fitrist Smart Band @ Rs 849

There are countless benefits of keeping a track of your health on a regular basis. This has created a room for tons of health apps and fitness bands. The major problem is that if you forget using a health app or a fitness band for a while, you will forget that it ever existed. This will eventually lead to loss of the fitness data and you will have to start afresh. However, forgetting a watch is quite uncommon especially for those who wear it everyday. What better than your own watch keeping a tab on your exercise and diet!

#4 Enjoy your favourite music


Snaptic X3 Smartwatch

Buy Snaptic X3 Limited Edition Leather Strap Smartwatch @ Rs 3490

We carry our favourite sound tracks or rather an entire playlist on our phone. But, as humans, there are so many songs on our playlist which we may want to skip at that moment. With a smartwatch, you don't need to pull out your phone, you can change tracks and do more at the touch of a button on your smartwatch.

#5 A refreshingly new dial everyday

Snaptic Smartwatch

Buy Snaptic GT08 Limited Edition Metal Strap Smartwatch @ Rs 2990

Isn't it boring to stare at your regular watch to check the time? Switch to a smarwatch! It enables you to change your display on your wrist every time you check the watch.

#6 No more browsing while driving

Looking for a restaurant in a particular area? Why look at your phone constantly when your smartwatch can easily help you navigate to your destination. With a smartwatch on your wrist, you can have a conversation with your date instead of staring at your smartphone for directions.



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