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6 compact mobile accessories under Rs.500 you must have

Last updated on: June 20, 2019 16:03 IST

Mobile has become the most inseparable part of our day to day life. These six mobile accessories will help us to use the mobile efficiently.

Mobile phone screen magnifier:

Screen Magnifier


Buy a mobile screen magnifier for Rs.225

A mobile screen magnifier is a tool which helps to enlarge your mobile screen onto the bigger screen. It helps to reduce the eye fatigue of watching a movie on mobile phone screens. It is foldable and convenient to carry during your travels. It is compatible with all the mobiles. 


Mobile charging stand:

Mobile stand

Buy a set of 2 mobile charging stand for Rs. 200

Many times the charger wire will not be long enough to keep the mobile down during charging and this mobile charging stand comes to our rescue. It is portable and compact and it provides a stand for the mobile while charging. It is safe to use.


Mobile phone holder:

Mobile holder

Buy this flexible mobile phone holder for Rs.200

Now we can watch a movie or video chat with our friends without holding the mobile in our hands for a long time. This mobile phone holder comes with a mounting clip and a long flexible cord and another clip to perfectly hold your mobile phone. The mounting clip can be fitted onto the side of the table or headrest of you bed. 


Bluetooth headset:

Bluetooth headset

Buy this Bluetooth headset for as low as Rs.300

Every phone has Bluetooth technology and using bluetooth headset allows the user to do hands-free answering and talking on the mobile phone.  It is every efficient and easy to use and it consumes less energy so it will not drain your battery. Now you can use this bluetooth headset while exercising, jogging, cycling and while commuting. It has superior sound quality.


VR box:

VR box

Buy a VR box as low as Rs.350

VR box is a virtual environment visualization platform for smartphones. If you like to watch a 3D movie then this VR box will provide the full 3D experience. We can use the VR box while playing games, 360 degree videos etc. This VR box is compatible with both android and IOS smartphones. 


Bluetooth mini speakers:

Bluetooth speaker

Buy this waterproof mini Bluetooth speaker for Rs.500

It is always fun to hear songs, watch movies on your smartphone. When you do these activities with your group of friends headsets will not be of big use. During that that time you can always use a mini bluetooth speaker and play your songs or movies through bluetooth and enjoy with your friends. With these mini waterproof Bluetooth speakers you can party anywhere. 

 Tile image: Kind courtesy Pixabay 



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