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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 6 Easy-To-Use Security Equipments To Keep You Safe

6 Easy-To-Use Security Equipments To Keep You Safe

Last updated on: January 02, 2015 18:21 IST

Surveillance equipment such as spy cameras, CCTV etc. are designed to assist in prevention and detection of crime. These aim to give proof to relevant enforcement agencies, maintain public order, prevent anti-social behavior and annoyance and provide reassurance to support economic well being.

Protect your baby & other family members: A pen camera can be used at any comfortable place in your home, say your living room in case you have a doubt on any external member who may be involved in malicious criminal activities. It will record videos  of the place you position it, which you can transfer to your PC or mobile any time.

HD Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder

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For shop owners: This device will help you spot shoplifters or employees goofing around when they unaware of this device completely. Besides, it can be used as a PC camera and a removable disk which is a bonus. It is a convenient way to keep an eye on the place for a long time.

Digital Alarm Clock With Spy Camera

Buy Digital Alarm Clock With Spy Camera @ Rs.1279

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keep an eye on what is going on inside your home: This Coat Hook Hidden Camera from not only serves its purpose as a coat hook, but it will help you keep an eye on what is going on inside your home. Its dual functionality allows it to sit in plain sight while secretly recording any room in your home or office.

Spy Clothes Hook With Hidden Camera

Buy Spy Hook Camera @ Rs.1695

Buy Spy Hidden Camera With Remote Control @ Rs.2995

Camera on the go: This video camera eyewear can click pictures on the go. So whether you are a police cop or architect taking pictures when you are out & about becomes very easy. This helps when you urgently need proof of a theft or crime scene on the go.

Real Hd1080p Spy Camera Glasses Eyewear

Buy HD Spy Camera Glasses @ Rs.3689

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During business trips: Carry this smart pen drive during your business negotiation & contract signing to protect your confidential data or information (if required). 

U8 Spy Dvr Camera Pen Drive Video Camera 32GB Expendable

Buy Spy DVR Camera Pen drive 32 GB Expendable @ Rs.684

Find Here Wide Variety Of Spy Pen Drive Under Rs.999

For business owners:  If you are a small business owner & cannot afford a big fancy CCTV which costs higher usually, opt for this bullet night vision security camera to protect your business place from any kind of crime.

Zvision 1000 Tvl Hdis Bullet 36 IR Night Vision Security Cctv Camera

Buy Z Vision Night Vision Security Camera Under Rs.1750

For Building Societies: Building security such as watchmen may not be on guard for strictly 24-hours a day but thanks to CCTV cameras which can be used to protect your living premises. Today a lot of housing societies use CCTV Cameras due to increasing cases of thefts and crimes, particularly in apartments.

Zvision 1200 Tvl Hdis Dome 36 IR Night Vision Security Cctv Camera (white)

 Buy Z Vision 36 IR Night Vision Security CCTV Camera @ Rs.1550



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