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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 5 Affordable VR Glasses That Let You Experience Virtual Reality Like Never Before

5 Affordable VR Glasses That Let You Experience Virtual Reality Like Never Before

Last updated on: May 05, 2016 10:19 IST

Remember watching "The Matrix" for the first time? Remember the mixed emotions of awe and excitement you felt at that time? Virtual reality technology is no more a thing of fiction these days! Thus devices like Google's cardboard opened the door for anyone with a smart phone to actually experience the virtual world, right up to demonstrating what a fully-fledged premium system like HTC Vive will be capable of.

VR7 Best For Gaming Experience
 Enjoy Virtual Reality With VR Glasses

So, without additional ado, we've listed some of the top VR systems available. Their prices range considerably, and some haven't actually been officially launched yet, but they're all worth being aware of, as you'll be seeing a lot more of VR in the coming years.

#1. Google Cardboard Inspired Virtual Reality Kit Headset

Google Cardboard - VR Glasses

Buy And Experience The VR World With Google Cardboard @ Rs.249 only

This is Do It Yourself (DIY) Cardboard VR Headset Kit inspired from Google Cardboard. It works best with mobile phones having screen size up to 5.5 inches (measured diagonally) and operating system Android 4.1 and above. This kit can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

#2. Shutterbugs Vr Headset Virtual Reality 3d Glasses

Shutterbugs VR Box

Buy Shutterbugs VR Box @ Just Rs.1050 (Lowest Price)

It is a great supplement and extending device of the network set-box and bring you wonderful experience of watching movies and playing games.

#3. Virtual Reality Headgear Box With Adjustable Immers

Vr Glasses online

Buy VR Headgear Box With Adjustable Immers @ Rs.1999 Only

You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, play 3D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated film. 

#4. Domo Nhance Vr6 Magnet Switch Universal Virtual Reality

Domo Enhance VR6


Buy Domo Nhance Vr6 Magnet Switch @ Rs.3999 

It is equipped with a magnet and you can explore the Virtual 3D world with head tracking. Just place your Smartphone in to the VR headset and launch a VR-Headset compatible app and lose yourself in the experience.

#5. Domo Nhance Vr8 Video Glasses (Black)

Domo Enhance VR8

Domo Premium For Advance Gaming Experience @ Rs.10500

This is a premium universal 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Headset for Smartphone screen size upto 6 inch. Equipped with large 42mm lenses these headsets are sure to deliver optimal Virtual Reality experience.



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