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Rediff News  All News  » Gadget » 12 Clever Things That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Even More

12 Clever Things That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Even More

February 14, 2017 17:15 IST

These products are a delight for all the smartphone addicts out there.

#1 Have two smartphones? Charge them simultaneously with this dual USB wall charger


USB Charger

 Buy USB Wall Charger @ Rs 249

#2 Want to hear your favourite songs stored on the smartphone in the car? Simply use this FM transmitter. All you need to do is tune the car radio to the specific frequency that corresponds to the transmitter. You can hear your favourite music stored on the FM band via this transmitter

FM Transmitter

 Buy FM Transmitter @ Rs 599

#3 Share your favourite songs with a couple of buddies, thanks to this earphone splitter


Earphone splitter

 Buy Earphones/Headphones Splitter @ Rs 139

#4 Not all plug points have a table below them! Use this mobile charging stand to charge your phone without any support


Mobile charging stand

 Buy Mobile Charging Stand (Set of 2) @ Rs 119

#5 Watching a movie at home? Let this smart stand hold your smartphone for you while you are holding a bowl of popcorn


Lazy mobile holder

 Buy Lazy Mobile Holder @ Rs 125

#6 Never let your smartphone be out of sight even when you are driving with this car mobile stand

Car mobile holder

 Buy Car Mobile Stand @ Rs 125

#7 Need to use your smartphone while you are holidaying in snowy mountains. You can operate your smartphone with these Bluetooth enabled gloves on

Bluetooth gloves

 Buy Bluetooth Touchscreen Gloves @ Rs 1990

#8 Click blur-free, amazing photographs with this mobile tripod. It is compatible with all your smartphones. The best part is that it is flexible and can hold on multiple surfaces


Mobile tripod

 Buy Flexible Smartphone Tripod @ Rs 349

#9 Don’t let the battery of your smartphone drain. This power bank will keep your phone fully charged all day long


Samsung Power Bank

 Buy Samsung Power Bank @ Rs 699

#10 Experience virtual reality with this VR headset. Insert your phone in this VR headset and enjoy playing games and watching movies like never before

VR Glasses

 Buy VR Glasses @ Rs 349

#11 Worried about dropping your smartphone? Use this smartphone ring grip helps you hold your phone tightly and single-handedly

Mobile ring

Buy Ring Phone Holder @ Rs 99

#12 Is your existing charging cable in a poor condition? This durable and abrasion resistant charging cable allows you to sync your smartphone with another device and charge it as well

Nylon Charging Cable

Buy Nylon USB Charging Cable @ Rs 125



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