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Stylish Hand Crafted Shoes from Agra

Last updated on: May 24, 2018 16:37 IST

It is no surprise that the Taj Mahal is what Agra is most famous for. However not many know that India is the second largest footwear manufacturer in the world, with Agra being by far the largest contributor within the country.

Agra contributes around 65% of the total domestic consumption as well as having a whopping 28% share of the total footwear export from India.

Agra Shoes


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The typical picture which will greet you when you visit the famous Hing Ki Mandi footwear market in agra will be of patriarchs perched behind counters and desks at their stores, as they have been for decades, watching customers enter and exit, the day’s earnings total up, and acquaintances drop in for a cup of tea and conversation.

Agra Shoes


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In Agra, the footwear manufacturers are always adapting to use the latest technology and world-class raw materials. Most of the skilled artisans are in the footwear industry from many generations. Earlier the main raw material used to be leather but recently synthetic foam is also in huge demand.

Agra Shoes

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Now you too can get these stylish hand crafted shoes, directly sourced from the manufacturers in Agra, to your doorstep.



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