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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » How to Wear a Saree To Look Slim

How to Wear a Saree To Look Slim

May 28, 2015 16:08 IST

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Saree is the nine yard wonder apparel that looks flawless on any woman regardless of her age & body type. However, if you follow some basics of wearing a saree perfectly it can make you look much slimmer than you actually are!

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#1 Wear heels: Before beginning the entire process of wearing a saree, put on your heels as this will enable you to decide the perfect length of the saree.

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#2 Knot it at the plain end:Before beginning to wrap the saree from left to right, make a knot on the top of the plain end of the saree and tuck the knot into the left side of the petticoat. This will hang saree better and tighter instead of relying on the dangling the flat end of the saree.

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#3 Pin your pallu neatly and tightly:A lot of women like wearing the pallu spread out all over the hand & it is a style which looks trendy. However, if you aim is to look slim then you need to pin your entire pallu together to your shoulder rather than leaving it all over your hand.

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#4 Use a Saree pleat maker: As the name suggests, saree pleat maker lets you make the pleats evenly and tightly. Insert the saree pleat maker in your petticoat. It is a device which comes with multiple plates. There are multiple hooks in each plate. You can select the pallu size by inserting the pallu in the hook of your choice. Hold the end of your pallu and place it under hook A. Wrap the pallu over Tab 1 to make the first pleat and make the rest 4-5 pallus on the pink plate. Now, draping a saree is really easy.

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#5 Hide the waist strategically:While tucking in the pleats & pinning the pallu make sure the waist is hidden from the side & visible at the centre. This will give a lean look to your waist.

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