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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » Common Foot Problems: Finding the Right Shoes for Men

Common Foot Problems: Finding the Right Shoes for Men

Last updated on: July 31, 2015 14:42 IST

#1 Heel Pain – Optimum Support and Design that Absorbs Body Weight

Alberto Torresi Shoes

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Heel pain occurs when the soft tissue around your heel is inflamed. It is caused by excessive body weight on the heel. This medical condition is also known as plantar fascia. You must look for leather shoes for men that provide stability and comfort to your heel. These sandals from Alberto Toressi provide optimum support and are designed to absorb your body weight.

#2 Flat feet pain – Memory Foam Technology that provides Superior Arch Support

Alberto Torresi Formal Shoes

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People who have flat feet can suffer from extreme pain in ankles, knees and lower back as the entire body weight comes on your feet. You must look for shoes with superior arch support that comforts your feet and reduces the pain. These shoes by Alberto Torresi come with Memory foam insole which takes the shape of your feet and provides superior arch support. 

#3 Ankle sprains – Multi Density Layer Insoles for Enhanced Safety

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People often prefer flip-flops or those street side sandals as they find it comfortable. However, these types of footwear lack proper support which could cause tendon problems and ankle sprains. You can look for shoes with thick and superior sole. These shoes by Alberto Torresi with Comfort Fit System have multi density layer insoles with extra cushioning. These shoes are ideal if you want to walk for longer distances.

#4 Smelly feet – Breathable Fabric for Odour Free Feet

Alberto Torresi Sandals

Choose from a wide range of Alberto Torresi Sandals with Breathable Fabric

People usually suffer from smelly feet all year long. People get smelly feet when the sweat does not evaporate. When you wear a pair of shoes for a long period of time, it forms bacteria which produce isovaleric acid leading to foot odour. You must choose footwear which has mesh fabric that ensures proper ventilation. These sandals by Alberto Torresi come with a breathable fabric which absorb the sweat and keep your feet fresh and odour free.



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