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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 9 Fashion Items Every Guy Needs For Spring And Summer

9 Fashion Items Every Guy Needs For Spring And Summer

Last updated on: April 02, 2015 10:12 IST

It is recommended to wear light coloured clothes during summers as they are better at reflecting sunshine and keep our body temperature cool. Darker clothes absorb sunshine and make our body temperatures go higher.

The secret to looking and feeling chic even in warm, humid weather is picking the right textiles according to the season. For a more in-depth look at your summer fabric choices for every occasion, check out the following summer fashion ideas.

#1. Linen: Linen fabric is typically loosely woven and is one of the best natural fibers for keeping you cool.

Nick&jess Mens Grey Mandarin Collared Slub Linen Shirt

Buy Nick And Jess Linen Shirt For Men @ Rs.635

#2.  Cool Cotton 3D T-Shirts Designs: All New 3D Printed T-shirts has vibrant colors. Latest Technology in textile printing introduced by Rudraksha Apparels. These casual body fittings T-shirts are made of super quality Poly cotton to keep you cool in the summer.

3d T-shirts R3dts 10

Buy 3D T Shirt For Men For Just Rs. 599

#3: Cotton fabrics are ideal summer wear. It’s naturally breathable and inexpensive.

a)    Lmfao Full Sleeve Blue Casual Shirt: Made of super fine Poly Cotton material with contrast Button Placket and a pocket opening, available in mild blue color.  A white or light blue button down shirt is a fashion clothing item that works perfectly either as a casual or as a formal wear.

Lmfao Full Sleeve Blue Casual Shirt - Ls101

Buy LMFAO Full Sleeve Blue shirt For Men For Just Rs.375

Find Here Wide Range Of full Sleeve Shirt For Men Under Rs.599

b)    Lmfao Pack Of 4 Casual Half Sleeve Shirts: Pack of four poly cotton shirts in attractive colors- Blue, Ash, Grey and White. They are made with best fabrics most suitable to wear in the summer.

Lmfao Pack Of 4 Casual Half Sleeve Shirts

Buy Half Sleeve Shirt For Men Pack of 4 For Just Rs.1279

c)     Avenster Men"s Graphic T-shirt, Polo Shirts: Many attractive, colorful graphic designed shirts, made with cool cotton materials are available online. Perfect for every age and taste.

Avenster Men"s Graphic T-shirt

Buy Graphic T Shirt For Men For Just Rs. 349

#2. Cotton Tangy Shirts For Office Wear: These summer dresses have strong, piquant contrasts and checks. Some single colors tangy half sleeve shirts are also available. . Printed or plain white shirts are on the edge today and it can make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Tangy Pack Of 3 Slim Fit Full Shirts

Buy Slim Fit Shirt For Men 4 piece Under Rs.1499

#4. Summer Blends: Today, there’s a wide selection of fabrics that are designed for maximum wickability which regulates body temperature. Unlike cottons, they disperse moisture and allow it to pass through to the surface of the fabric, so that evaporation can take place. The cotton simply absorbs moisture, these high-tech blends actually draws sweat away from your body and promote evaporation – helping keep you much cooler

a)    Cool Cargo shorts and sportswear:  They are available in multi military colors, hayward olive cargo shorts, color beige and grey, denim blue, light olive and many other lights or vibrant colors.

True Fashion Militery Green & Sky Blue Cargo Shorts - Set Of 2

Buy Cargos For Men Under Rs. 899

b)    Lee Cooper footwear: Light, comfortable protective care for your feet. Check any of the new arrivals from: Lee Cooper Tan Leather Casual Sandal For Mens,  Mens Green And Yellow Slippers,  Men's leather sandals and floaters, etc.

Lee Cooper Men Sandals

Buy Lee Cooper Sandals For Men For Just Rs.499



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