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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 5 Simple Changes to Make Your Wardrobe Monsoon Ready

5 Simple Changes to Make Your Wardrobe Monsoon Ready

July 07, 2016 14:22 IST

#1 Opt for chiffon sarees

Chiffon sarees

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Simply because they are lightweight and easy to dry. During monsoons, your entire house is filled with heaps of damp clothes waiting to dry. It is advisable to switch to chiffon sarees instead of cottons as the fabric dries up real fast.

#2 Or these solid georgette sarees...

Georgette Sarees

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These georgette sarees in solid shades are equally good fabric wise. These sarees remind us of the countless Bollywood rain songs where the actress dances in the rain to woo her significant other.

#3 Can't imagine wearing a saree at work? These crepe dress materials are your best bet

Dress Materials

Buy Crepe Dress Materials (Set of 4) @ 434

Besides chiffon and georgette, crepe is also a fabric that is easy to dry which is a boon during monsoons. Choose from our wide range of crepe dress materials and invest in a couple of sets to prepare your wardrobe for the rainy season.

#4 If not dress materials, look at our range of monsoon friendly crepe kurtis

Crepe kurtis

Buy Crepe Kurtis Under Rs 500 

If you love to dress ethnic but like to remain light, here is our range of crepe kurtis which are easy to dry and make you look awesome and stylish during the rainy season.

#5 Those denims are not going to dry up soon but capri pants will


Buy Capri Pant Sets Starting @ Rs 349

Hate the feeling of wearing moist denims? Go for these skin friendly cotton capri pants that are easy to dry and do not cause any itching or irritation. The soft and thin fabric is easy to dry and a perfect alternative to a pair of denim jeans.



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