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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 5 Problems Only Women with Wavy Hair Will Understand

5 Problems Only Women with Wavy Hair Will Understand

Last updated on: November 20, 2014 12:01 IST

Wavy hair problems


Your friends with straight hair can only try to empathise with you but nobody can know what you really go through. There are days when your hair look glamorous and then there are days when you look like a sheep in the morning. All the women with wavy hair will relate to this. Here are the 5 problems only women with wavy hair will understand:


#1 You just can’t do without styling your hair


Curler and Straightener


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You either use a hair curler for those perfect curls or you have to use the hair straightener to make them manageable. Every bit of your hair needs to be styled as there is no way out.


#2 Need volume? Be prepared for frizzy hair 


Hair Bumpits

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Like all other women, you try to enhance the volume of your hair by using hair volumising products. However, your efforts are in vain as your hair ends up getting frizzy. You can use hair bumpits to add volume to your hair without making them frizzy.


#3 No styling products? Use Moroccan oil


Moroccan Oil

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Your hair can never get smooth. You either need a magic wand or a Moroccan oil to make your hair smooth and less frizzy. Smooth hair without any efforts is like a dream for you.


#4 Brushing your hair makes it worse

Okay, you like volume but brushing your hair could make them look heavy and messed up. Use a wide toothed comb for the perfect look.


#5 Your hair is moody

No matter how much you try, your hair could either look perfect or just plain ugly.




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