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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 4 Important Things to Consider While Buying Your Winter Jacket

4 Important Things to Consider While Buying Your Winter Jacket

Last updated on: December 18, 2014 16:15 IST

Winters are finally here for most of us. People often focus on keeping their body warm and compromise on looking stylish. Layering is the most important element in your winter outfit. The best part about layering is that it keeps you warm and also adds a character to your look.

Here are the 4 layering tips to keep you warm yet stylish this winter –

#1 Colour

Winter Jackets

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Choosing the right colour is an important aspect of layering your outfit. If you are in a formal atmosphere like school, college or workplace, opt for darker colours as they add up to the seriousness of your look. When it comes to parties and weekend plans, choose brighter colours like red, green etc. You can also choose according to the time of the day. Wear pastel shades during day and darker shades on evening functions and dinner parties.

#2 Material

Fleece Thermal

Winter Breaker Polar Fleece Jacket @ Rs 340         Thermal T shirts Under Rs 550

The next important aspect is to get the material of the layer right. A wide variety of materials like thermal, polar fleece, leather etc. are readily available. Polar fleece jackets keep you warm yet allow your body to breathe. Thermal wear is for those who hate wearing their layers on the outside. Leather jackets are perfect for fashion oriented people, especially bikers. Denim jackets look great on casual outings.

#3 Body Type

Body Type

Hooded Sweat Jacket @ Rs 499      Winter Cracker Monster Jacket @ Rs 599

Choose a fabric that suits your body shape. If you are on the healthier side, opt for slimmer fabrics as thicker fabrics like wool and fur add extra volume to your look. If you are slim or moderately built, choose thicker fabrics as they give you a fuller look.

#4 Accessorize

Winter Accessories

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Another secret to smart layering is to add a couple of accessories to your outfits. Women can layer their look with a shawl and men can wear a winter cap or muffler as a layer along with their outfits.



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