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3 Auspicious Buys for This Dhanteras

October 17, 2014 17:43 IST



The festive season is almost here. Most people will be busy with the preparations like cleaning homes, buying gifts for their loved ones etc. Dhanteras marks the beginning of the festive season. In the word Dhanteras, ‘Dhan’ stands for wealth and ‘teras’ means the thirteenth lunar day in the month of Ashwin as per Hindu Calendar. This year, Dhanteras falls on the 21’st October ’14.

People buy gold, property, vehicle etc on this day as is considered to be extremely auspicious. However, buying these items is not feasible every time. Instead, you can buy gold coins, god idols, figurines etc and celebrate the festival of lights with great fervour. Homes and workplaces are decorated with lovely rangolis. People lit diyas & candles outside their houses to ward off the negativity. Here are the top 3 buys for an auspicious Dhanteras:




Pooja Thali

In India, performing a short pooja is a ritual during major festivals. A decorated pooja thali adds up to the decoration of your home during Diwali. The thali and diyas are placed near the door to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.




Goddess Lakshmi Silver/Gold Idol

Goddess Lakshmi is known to bless you with prosperity and wealth. A Goddess Lakshmi idol made of pure silver or gold is an ideal pick for your home or office this Dhanteras.




Gold/Silver Coins

Coins made of pure gold or silver embossed with Goddess Lakshmi can also be bought during Dhanteras. These coins are considered as auspicious as they are known to bring prosperity to our homes.




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