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Rediff News  All News  » Fashion » 11 Hair Styling Accessories For A Quick Makeover

11 Hair Styling Accessories For A Quick Makeover

Last updated on: December 17, 2014 10:07 IST

#1 Alia Bhatt Inspired Cinderella Hair Band - Perfect hair accessory when you have to quickly dress up for a party or for a brunch!

Alia Bhatt Inspired Hair Band

Buy Alia Bhatt Inspired Cindrella Hair Band @ Rs 399


#2 DIY Hair Styling Kit - Wear a new hairstyle every day. Contains Part Pizazz for separating your hair into high-fashion parts, Hairagam for creating beautiful buns and unique ponytails in a snap & much more goodies.

DIY Hairstyle Kit

Buy DIY Hair Styling Kit @ Rs 449


#3 Hair Volume Padding - Unhappy with the volume of your hair? Use a hair padding puff maker and give a twist to your look.

Hair Volume Padding

Buy Hair Volume Padding @ Rs 370


#4  Just Go With Simple Straight Hair – Grab a Straightener (Bonus: Free Wrinkle Remover) - Get smooth and straight hair with Philips Hair Straightening Brush. Also, get rid of the wrinkles on your face with wrinkles decreaser.

Philips Straightener and Wrinkle Remover

Buy Philips Hair Straightener + Face Wrinkles Remover


#5 French Twist Tool - Be it a bun or a ponytail, create a new hair style effortlessly with this easy to use hair equipment.

French Twist Tool

Buy French Twist Tool @ Rs 299


#6 Trendy Hair Band Cum Scarf - Quite versatile, isn’t it?

Hair Band Cum Scarf

Buy Hair Band Cum Scarf Under Rs 349


#7 Hair Up Do Styling Tool - Fold, snap and wrap. A perfect hair styling tool for parties and weddings.

Hair Up do Styling Tool

Buy Hair Up do Styling Tool @ Rs 399


#8 Instyler Rotating Hair Iron Styler - Curly, wavy or straight, choose any style you want! 3 different hair styles - one solution.


Buy Instyler Rotating Hair Iron Styler @ Rs 1499


#9 Designer Buns - Whether you are at work or going for a party, create a stylish bun every time. Perfect for women who are running late for work & want a quick hairstyle to look good at meetings.

Hot Buns

Buy Hot Buns Bun Maker @ Rs 499


#10 Hair Colour Chalk - Whether you are going to a club or a college party, use this hair chalk and colour your hair. Pink, blue, fuchsia, green, take your pick! 

Hair Colour Chalk

Buy Huez Hair Colour Chalk @ Rs 334


#11 Bumpits with Sharper Inserters - Similar to regular bumpits but these have sharp inserters which firmly hold your hair. The regular hair bumpit may not work for silky hair but this one surely does the trick.

Bumpits with Inserts

Buy Hair Bumpits @ Rs 704



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