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'Maybe people love me too much!'

Shah Rukh Khan needs a hit... and how!

His home production Asoka did not fare well at the box office despite great expectations. His last hit was Mohabbatein, last year's Diwali release.

Now, a day away from his next release Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Shah Rukh gets defensive.

When Latika Sidana asked him about his favourite scene, he does not hesitate: "I love the scene between Rahul and his father at the end of the film." Read on for more:

Every time a Shah Rukh Khan film releases, expectations build up. How do you react to the pressure?

Sometimes I wonder why am I always picked on. There are other actors who do the same old stuff; nobody writes about them. But if I do it, I'm criticised.

Maybe people love me too much. You expect from those you know can deliver. Just like I have expectations from my son.

What is your role in K3G?

I am the adopted son of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. Hrithik plays their real son. I defy family rules by falling in love with Kajol. I can't say anymore.

Your son Aryan is making his debut with this film?

Yes. Karan and I are very close to each other. So it just seemed natural.

What do you love about your character Rahul?

I love the vulnerability and the honesty in his eyes. He has the appeal of a boy next door. Besides, his intensity and ability to convey emotions without words is amazing.

Which is your favourite song in the film?

Laija laija. I remember during the shooting of this song, Karan had fallen ill. He gave directions on the phone to the choreographer.

How important is the film to you?

It is very important for me. It is a turning point. After all, three superstars are pitted in a row. Never before has such a film been made on such a large scale.

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