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Which Dhoni avatar do you like?

August 19, 2020 12:52 IST

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a versatile gentleman. His varied set of interests compliments his sharp cricketing brain perfectly.

Doting dad. Lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army. Businessman. Model. Biker. Farmer. Shooter -- Mahi dons many roles and he certainly has a lot of options to choose from once he bids cricket adieu.

The Doting Dad

Mahendra Singh Dhoni dries his daughter's hair.

Dhoni's Instagram feed is filled with pictures with daughter Ziva. Here is an endearing pic, out to set some daddy goals.


The Lieutenant Colonel

 A file image of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's visit to the border


Dhoni was accorded the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in 2011. He is also a qualified paratrooper after having completed five parachute training jumps.

Along with his military mates, he has been part of patrolling operations in militancy-infested south Kashmir.


The Businessman

Dhoni's apparel brand Seven

Dhoni launched an apparel and footwear brand, Seven, of which he is a brand ambassador, in 2016.


The Supermodel


Dhoni has been part of many advertising campaigns and by the look of them, he slips into the role effortlessly. Just take a look at the Mastercard campaigns where he is pitch perfect in the nephew's role alongside thesepian Pankaj Kapur.


The Farmer

Mahendra Singh Dhoni at his farm in Ranchi

A couple of months ago, Dhoni bought a tractor. We don't know how big his farmhouse in Ranchi is -- glimpses on Instagram indicate it is huge -- and we guess those villas have a field attached to it for Mahi to drive his tractor.


The Biker 

Dhoni checks out a bike

Over the years, we have witnessed Dhoni's love for bikes. His in-depth knowledge for mean machines can be envy-inducing. The FIA should just give him a trial at the MOTO GP. What say?


The Shooter

Dhoni hits bulls-eye

Something that has caught his attention lately.

Going by his accuracy at the shooting range, Dhoni could take up shooting the way Kapil Dev took up golf after he bids the cricket pitch a final goodbye.


The Footballer

Dhoni plays football

Dhoni played football as a young man and was selected to represent his district and club in Jharkhand where his Uttarakhand native parents had settled down. He started out as a goal-keeper in football, and his dazzling wicket-keeping skills are often attributed to what he learnt as a soccer goalie.


So dear readers, please tell us which avatar you think suits Mahi best in the message board below.