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Ashwin: 'Climate change is real'

Last updated on: December 08, 2023 12:25 IST

IMAGE: An aerial view of flood-affected areas in and around Chennai. Photograph: ANI

When natural disaster strikes, even the who's who isn't spared. And with Chennai reeling under the effects of Cyclone Michaung, Ravichandran Ashwin shared a video on social media to send out the message, 'Climate change is real'.

Sharing a video where a man is seen raising concerns about the littering on Chennai beaches, Ashwin penned his concerns about the rapid change and asked people to wake up.


IMAGE: A vehicle submerged in a waterlogged road in Chennai. Photograph: ANI

'I rest my case! We need to value lives and also put a value on our lives,' Ashwin posted on Instagram. 'If we don't expect a certain standard of ourselves, no one else is going to knock on our door and give it to us.

'Climate change is real and make no mistake, all of us that think that this is someone else's problem have to wake up because it's coming for us and we better be prepared.'


In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung, which made landfall two days ago, several areas of Chennai are still under water.

Earlier, Chennai resident Ashwin had shared a video to highlight the impact of the storm on the city.

IMAGE: A boat shifts residents to safer locations. Photograph: ANI