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The Gulf Crisis, II

March 19, 2003

Tariq Aziz denies defection claims
Regrettable that inspection isn't over: Blix
Russian camps in Iran for Iraqis
First A-I flight leaves for Kuwait for evacuation
US forces take positions, Saddam defiant
US ultimatum to Iraq will harm the world: India
India's criticism of UN unwarranted: Officials
FBI alert on Iraq sympathisers
Iraq war fear has Kerala on tenterhooks
Indian peaceniks leave for Iraq

March 18, 2003

Two more British ministers resign over Iraq
'We should have the world with us'
Another minister quits Blair's cabinet
No need to panic: Crisis management group
US heightens alert fearing terror attacks
Saddam must leave Iraq in 48 hours: Bush

March 17, 2003

Annan asks UN staff to quit Iraq
Indians leave Baghdad fearing war
Robin Cook resigns over Iraq crisis
Saddam threatens wider war if attacked
US, UK and Spain not to press for vote on Iraq
Bush gives UN 24 hours to decide on Iraq
NPT falling apart, warns non-proliferation expert
Bush tells UN to decide by Monday on war against Iraq

March 15, 2003

End of the road nearing for UN diplomacy on Iraq

March 14, 2003

UNSC discussions on Iraq fail

March 13, 2003

Bush speaks to Musharraf on Iraq
Laloo leads anti war rally in Patna
UK opposition leader says war imminent

March 12, 2003

US hints at attacking Iraq without Britain
No unilateral attack on Iraq: PM
Moscow to veto US-UK resolution on Iraq
US airlines say 70 000 jobs lost if Iraq war begin

March 11, 2003

UNSC to debate Iraq crisis on Wednesday morning
PM to make statement on Iraq on Wednesday
India against war on Iraq: PM
Several Indians in Iraq despite advisory
Pak to abstain from voting on Iraq resolution
UNSC vote on Iraq delayed
Long Iraq war to slash world growth IMF
Oil price falls on Iraq vote delay Saudi pledge

March 10, 2003

India asks its citizens to leave Iraq
Opposition unhappy with government's cautious approach on Iraq

March 9, 2003

UN orders evacuation of staff from Iraq border

March 7, 2003

No evidence that Iraq hiding banned weapons Blix
We are in last stages of diplomacy: Bush
Bush convenes war cabinet

March 6, 2003

Don't let Saddam split world opinion: Powell
US ousts two Iraqi attaches at UN

March 4, 2003

The financial cost of a war with Iraq

March 3, 2003

India prepared for fallout of US-Iraq war: Vajpayee

March 1, 2003

Rocca meets Musharraf seeks support on Iraq

February 25, 2003

India not to back any unilateral attack on Iraq

February 24, 2003

NAM opposes military action against Iraq

February 22, 2003

UN should disarm Iraq, not others: NAM FMs
Blix wants Iraq to destroy missiles

February 20, 2003

US sanctions on an Indian company for helping Iraq
Short Iraq war would cost world $1 trillion Study

February 19, 2003

Iraq war may hurt India s strategic oil reserves

February 18, 2003

UN should not back US on Iraq: PM
India to reinforce its position on Iraq crisis at NAM summit: Govt
Iraq war may have marginal impact on India Govt

February 17, 2003

Oil falls sharply as world still divided on Iraq

February 15, 2003

Millions protest against possible war on Iraq
Dozen Nobel laureates stand up against war on Iraq
Suit filed to block war on Iraq

February 14, 2003

No WMDs found in Iraq Hans Blix
Saddam bans weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

February 12, 2003

US plans for post war Iraq

February 10, 2003

Iraq France Belgium against NATO support for US
Iraq war to hurt India Expert

February 6, 2003

War against Iraq should be last resort France
Iraq war not to hit crude supplies Naik

February 5, 2003

Iraq rejects Powell s claims
Powell presents evidence against Iraq in the UN

February 4, 2003

British army prepares for 3 year stay in Iraq

February 1, 2003

Kuwait to seal border with Iraq

January 30, 2003

Iraq war to have limited impact on inflation RBI

January 29, 2003

Iraq Kuwait exchange threats as tension builds
Saddam is deceiving: Bush

January 21, 2003

India Qatar oppose unilateral action against Iraq

January 20, 2003

War against Iraq in mid March Report

January 18, 2003

US attack on Iraq unlikely till end of Haj

January 8, 2003

War with Iraq not inevitable: Rumsfeld

January 7, 2003

Pentagon readies for war with Iraq

January 6, 2003

US special forces already in Iraq Report




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