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The Gulf War II

March 31, 2003

US using uranium WMDs in Iraq
US soldiers gun down 7 women, children
'Saddam's bunker can withstand nuke attack'
100,000 children at risk in Basra
War will produce '100 new bin Ladens': Mubarak
Saddam has some scuds left in Iraq: US
Truth not on US side: Advani

March 30, 2003

Massive antiwar rally in Hyderabad
Iraqi general captured: Reports
Coalition losses a lot more: Web site
Anti-US feelings rise in West Asia
Cook wants British troops to return home

March 29, 2003

Iraq warns of more suicide attacks
Silkworm sends Kuwaitis running to chemists
Baghdad comes under fresh attack
US will accept only victory: Bush
Allies fear chemical attack from Baghdad
Four US soldiers killed in suicide attack
US orders pause in advance into Iraq

March 28, 2003

New Yorkers protest against war
Missile strikes Kuwait City
55 killed in Baghdad bombing: Report
UN adopts resolution on aid to Iraq
Stay away from war: Rumsfeld to Syria, Iran
'Iraqis greeting invaders being shot'
Pentagon war plans come under scrutiny
First aid ship docks at Umm Qasr
US sends another 120,000 troops to Iraq
Iraqis killing fleeing civilians: British forces
Cong plans anti-govt offensive on war
American delegation stages walkout at UNSC
'Iraqis will hide and hit Americans'

March 27, 2003

Bush, Blair stand to lose from war: Expert
US awarded rebuilding contracts in 1997 itself: Iraq
Bush, Blair promise to persevere
Arabic, Middle East reporters complain of bias
US opens northern front in Iraq
Air India Kuwait-Kerala flights to terminate at Mumbai
Americans will get their money's worth: Gen Rand
UN must help rebuild Iraq: US

March 26, 2003

Convoy of 1,000 Iraqi military vehicles moves towards Najaf
AP: Shias pan attacks on Iraq
Indian American doc against war
Aid: Annan puts onus on US, UK
Air raid on Baghdad hits market

March 25, 2003

Al-Jazeera English Web site goes live
Shia indifference stumps US, UK
NYSE bans al-Jazeera
7 Indian students stranded in Iran
We will prevail: Bush
Major battle between Najaf and Karbala
Allied troops move closer to Baghdad
Everything going according to plan: Blair
Umm Qasr port opened for shipping
Human Rights Watch slams US, Iraq
Fierce tank battle in Basra
Bush to seek $75bn for Iraq war

March 24, 2003

Five Syrians killed in US attack
Coalition troops near Baghdad
Blast near US 5th Fleet base creates scare
'They will die for Saddam'
British soldier killed in Iraq
Russia denies selling banned weapons to Iraq
Coalition casualties shocking: US media
Coalition making progress: Franks
Saddam pledges victory in TV address

March 23, 2003

American soldiers taken prisoners
Rumsfeld admits soldiers missing
AP opens control room for Gulf returnees
A-I, IA to operate regular flights to Kuwait
Blasts in Kuwait camp: US soldier held
US jet shot down, pilots captured: Iraq

March 22, 2003

India not to oust Iraq envoys
Four Americans killed in central Iraq
Iraqi regime starting to lose control: Rumsfeld
Blasts in Kuwait camp; 10 hurt
War may last longer than planned: Bush
Turkey sends troops into Kurdish areas
One more resignation in UK: report
Govt shies from 'condemning' attack on Iraq
Iraq crisis: Indian leadership at all-party meet
422 more Indians return from Kuwait
Two British copters lost over Persian Gulf
Anti-war protests getting strident
French negotiating exile for Saddam: Report

March 21, 2003

PM calls all-party meeting on Iraq
Iranian envoy arrives with message for PM
Indian labourers stuck in Kuwait
Iraq expels CNN reporters
Speculation continues over Saddam's fate
US launches 'shock and awe' campaign
Dr Ramanna's meeting with Saddam
US loses soldier, first in combat
Anti-US protest follow Friday prayers
Television images fabricated: Iraq
102 persons from Kuwait return to India
IAF on standby to evacuate Indians: Fernandes
30 oil wells set afire in Iraq: Britain
Iraq cries foul over US attack
Precision bombing of Baghdad continues
US keeping India informed on Iraq
Concern over backlash against Sikhs
12 killed as US helicopter crashes
Kuwait airport reopens, A-I operates flight
US, British forces enter Iraq

March 20, 2003

25 hurt in Kolkata antiwar protests
US shuts 13 diplomatic missions
Saddam tape appears genuine
US helped Iraq build WMDs: Report
Resignations over Bush's Iraq Policy
Invasion of Iraq begins
Turkey, Cyprus open airspaces to US
Fernandes is 'sad' over Iraq war
Iraqi mission in India in a pensive mood
Bush, Vajpayee discuss Iraq
India expresses 'deepest anguish'
War: Advani says national interest paramount
Iraq fires 2 missiles at Kuwait
'This will not be a campaign of half measures'
Minorities may be attacked: US panel
US for UN role in post-war Iraq
PM discusses crisis with colleagues
Our enemies are treating us unjustly, says defiant Saddam Hussein
Air India brings Indians from Kuwait
Allies may face chemical warfare
US begins attack on Iraq
11 Indians to act as human shields
Long Iraq war would spell gloom: Ficci
Oil prices fall as US attacks Iraq


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'War is now just another arm of diplomacy' -- Richard M Bennett

'War just another arm of diplomacy' -- Richard M Bennett

'This is an unjust war' -- Salah Al-Mukhtar

'America will have to fight us in the streets' -- Salah Al-Mukhtar

'We don't expect too many people to leave' -- Swashpawan Singh

'Iraq war, if it happens, will be limited' -- Tony Jashanmal

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