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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » These are the Only 7 Summer Workout Tips You Need

These are the Only 7 Summer Workout Tips You Need

March 29, 2016 17:29 IST

#1 Make a weekly workout plan

You must maintain a proper workout plan during summers.

Full body workout

Buy Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout Under Rs 1350

You can go for a full body workout along with arms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Reserve Saturdays for cardio workouts. All the other days are meant for relaxing your body.

#2 Here is a belt that melts your fat

Slimming belt

Buy Vibrating Magnetic Slimming Belt @ Rs 399

This 3 in 1 heating vibrating magnetic sauna belt burns the excessive fat from the belly area. The vibration technology tones down your body. It helps in removing the toxins from the body.

#3 Wear clothes that make a difference

Hot Shapers

Buy Hot Shapers Fitness Wear @ Rs 399

Confused? Yes, these are Hot Shaper pants made of Neotex, a fabric that produces heat and thereby makes your body sweat out fats. It is the easiest way of working out without much effort.

#4 Avoid over exertion

Manipol massager

Buy Manipol Full Body Massager @ Rs 519

Our body needs adequate rest and relaxation before moving out to the next day’s workout. It usually takes more time to relax and recover with the rise in temperatures. Make sure you take out sufficient time to relax your body. You can give yourself a nice and relaxing massage with this Manipol massager. It relaxes your aching muscles after an intensive workout.

#5 Spare some time for Yoga

Yoga mat

Buy Yoga Mat @ Rs 463

Indulge in yoga to beat the summer heat. Yoga is the perfect substitute to a full workout especially during summers. Yoga is beneficial and relaxing at the same time. However, a newbie must not practise yoga at home without the presence of a yoga trainer.

#6 Don’t miss out on your daily dose of protein

Whey protein

Buy Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein @ Rs 3440

The regular consumption of whey protein improves the protein content in your body which you usually don’t get from meals. A diet which is rich in protein makes you fit and active. Take a spoon of whey protein with water before your workout to see results.

#7 Stay hydrated

Drinking water is extremely vital especially during the hot summer months. Working out during summers produces a lot of heat in your body. After an intense workout, you tend to sweat a lot and therefore get hydrated. Make sure you drink 7-8 litres of water daily to stay hydrated.



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