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Study - A Clean Kitchen Helps You Lose Weight

Last updated on: April 22, 2016 11:25 IST

You may not believe your eyes but this is actually true. According to a study conducted by a group of scientists at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab,CornellUniversity, keeping a kitchen clean could stop people from over-snacking and consuming more calories. Another interesting fact about the study is that a cluttered kitchen can cause stress.

Courtesy: Environment & Behavior Journal and Independent

The study was conducted with 100 women participants. They were divided in to two groups. One group was asked to sit in a messy kitchen with bits of papers scattered all around and the other group was made to sit in a clean and organised kitchen. Both the groups were given bowls of biscuits and carrots to taste and rate.  

The results were shocking! The participants who were made to sit in the messy kitchen ate twice as many biscuits as compared to the participants in the clean kitchen. Blame it on the stress and restlessness caused by the messy environment.

Here are 5 tips to clean your kitchen quickly –

#1 PVA mop – When the kitchen floor is usually wet


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Water spillage is quite common on the kitchen floors. Use this PVA mop which comes with a superior quality sponge that quickly absorbs water.

#2 Homesmart Spin Mop – Clean the entire kitchen effortlessly

Homesmart Spin Mop

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This mop is long enough to let you clean your entire kitchen floor without bending even slightly. Its super thin microfiber absorbs water completely and cleans the surface thoroughly without damaging the floor. The best part about this mop is that your hands never come in contact with the dirty water. This mop saves labour, time, water and energy.

#3 Microfiber Cloth - The material of cleaning cloth makes a lot of difference

Microfiber Cloth

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An ordinary cleaning cloth barely cleans the kitchen table but actually spreads the dirt around. Instead, this microfiber cleaning cloth grabs more dirt and germs as it is made of polyester and polyamide fabric woven together. It creates a static charge and attracts entire dust and dirt.

#4 Wet & Dry Cleaning Mop – Effectively cleans the nooks and corners of your kitchen

Microfiber Cleaning Mop

Buy Dry & Wet Floor Cleaning Mop @ Rs 371

This wet and dry cleaning mop is perfect for those difficult corners of your kitchen especially the area around the refrigerator which is usually congested. It is effective on all floor surfaces, Linoleum, Ceramic, wood and tiles. This mop comes with microfiber pads that are super absorbent which quickly dry up the floor and will remove dirt, water and other fluids.

#5 Dispose all the wet and dry garbage in this perfumed dust bin bag

Disposable bags

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The smell emitted from garbage is simply unbearable which produces foul smell around the dustbin. Use these perfumed dust bin bags to dispose off the garbage in the bin. The perfume reduces the odour emitted by dust and garbage.



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