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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Spotlight: Study Confirmed CCTV Camera Can Bring Down the Crime Rate

Spotlight: Study Confirmed CCTV Camera Can Bring Down the Crime Rate

Last updated on: May 04, 2016 09:47 IST

A recent study has indicated that society with a network of CCTV cameras witness a reduction in the crime rate. The study was completed by security solution provider Zicom in 100 housing societies in mumbai.

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#1. Around 50% Of Drop in the Crime Rate after the CCTV Camera installed in the Housing Societies.

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The study indicates that were 40 unpleasant incident of offence were reported in these housing shown societies. But once the CCTV cameras were installed, there was a dip in total number of incidents, as the surveillance system proved to be a restraint. In 2015, the number of such incidents came down to 18 cases.

Source: http://www[dot]dnaindia[dot]com/india/report-mumbai-cctv-cameras-bring-down-crime-rate-survey-2160030

#2. CCTV installed in roads has reduced Crimes in many cases.

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The study was carrying out from Mumbai till Thane, and it was watch that CCTV’s being there on the road itself was effective in a lot of cases.

#3. Many working parents have installed CCTV cameras in their drawing rooms, to keep an eye on their baby-sitters.

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They can access the live recording on their Smartphone, so that they can make sure the infant is secure while they are out.

Few Things You Must Consider While Buying CCTV Camera for Your Home

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  • Always prefer high resolution cameras.
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  • Infrared Weatherproof Bullet Cameras are most popular for outdoor
  • Check the features of each camera online. Their efficiency change with their location.
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