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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Really Simple Tips to Stay Fit During Monsoons

7 Really Simple Tips to Stay Fit During Monsoons

June 21, 2016 16:49 IST

#1 Start your day with yoga. It relaxes your senses and builds a connect between your mind, body and soul. What do you need for yoga? Nothing but a yoga mat and some motivation. The best part about yoga is that you don't need to go outdoors to practice it.

Yoga mat

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#2 Skipped your morning walk because of the rains? No worries, you can indulge in spot running for 20 minutes in a day to warm yourself up.

#3 Invest in a few exercising devices such as a resistance band, a skipping rope, a dumbbells set and so on. This is also a good time to buy an indoor cycle as indoor workouts are ideal for monsoons.

Exercising devices

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#4 Even if you stay in a building with elevators, avoid using it and take the stairs instead.

#5 You spent a good time exercising but did not sweat it out. Try this fitness wear made of Neotex fabric which enables your body to sweat and melts the unwanted fat without any effort.

Hot Shapers

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#6 These magnetic toe rings use the reflexology technique to help you lose weight. These toe rings are made of high quality silicone with magnets placed strategically that target pressure points to trigger weight loss.

Magnetic Toe Ring

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#7 Mix a scoop of Whey protein with water or milk and consume it regularly to maintain the daily intake of protein in your diet.

Whey protein

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